99-million-year-old crab discovered trapped inside amber

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By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Artistic reconstruction of Cretapsara athanata

Artistic reconstruction of Cretapsara athanata

Franz Anthony/Javier Luque/Harvard University

A tiny crab is the archetypal to beryllium recovered trapped successful amber from the dinosaur era. It lived successful a wood country of South-East Asia 99 cardinal years ago.

Remarkably akin to modern crabs, the 5-millimetre-long crustacean is afloat preserved, making it “the astir implicit crab [fossil] ever discovered”, says Javier Luque astatine Harvard University.

“We are talking astir pristine preservation, arsenic in, not missing a azygous hair,” Luque says. “And adjacent though it’s truthful small, we were capable to spot truthful galore details truthful exquisitely, …

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