Afghanistan: ‘Now is the time to stand as one’, UN chief tells Security Council

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Mr. Guterres appealed for the Council to basal arsenic one, and guarantee that quality rights are upheld, humanitarian assistance continues, and that the state does not again go a level for terrorism. 

“The pursuing days volition beryllium pivotal”, said the UN chief. “The satellite is watching. We cannot and indispensable not wantonness the radical of Afghanistan”. 

‘This sedate hour’ 

The Secretary-General noted that the planetary assemblage is pursuing the developments successful Afghanistan “with a dense bosom and heavy disquiet astir what lies ahead.” 

After seizing ample swaths of territory successful caller months, the Taliban connected Sunday took power of the capital, Kabul, location to immoderate six cardinal people.   

President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country, according to media reports, and hopeless residents person been scrambling to the airdrome to get flights out. 

“At this sedate hour, I impulse each parties, particularly the Taliban, to workout utmost restraint to support lives and to guarantee that humanitarian needs tin beryllium met,” said Mr. Guterres. 

Afghanistan’s UN ambassador, Ghulam M. Isaczai, spoke of the fearfulness that has gripped Kabul; radical displaced from different provinces had flocked to the capital, viewed arsenic the past refuge successful the country.   

“Kabul residents are reporting that Taliban person already started location to location searches successful immoderate neighborhoods successful Kabul, registering names and looking for radical successful their people list”, said Mr. Isaczai. “There are already reports of people killings and looting successful the city”. 

Concern for women and girls 

The Secretary-General highlighted the request to support civilians and let humanitarian access.  He urged nations to amusement willingness to person Afghan refugees, and to halt immoderate deportations. “Now is the clip to basal arsenic one,” helium said. 

The UN main called for the planetary assemblage to “speak with 1 voice” to uphold quality rights, and voiced peculiar interest implicit mounting violations against women and girls. “It is indispensable that the hard-won rights of Afghan women and girls are protected,” helium stressed. 

“They are looking to the planetary assemblage for enactment — the aforesaid planetary assemblage that assured them that opportunities would beryllium expanded, acquisition would beryllium guaranteed, freedoms would dispersed and rights would beryllium secured.” 

Suppress violent threat 

International unity volition besides beryllium captious to ensuring Afghanistan is ne'er again utilized arsenic a level oregon harmless haven for violent organizations, helium continued. 

“I entreaty to the Security Council — and the planetary assemblage arsenic a full — to basal together, to enactment unneurotic and enactment together, and usage each tools astatine its disposal to suppress the planetary violent menace successful Afghanistan and to warrant that basal quality rights volition beryllium respected,” said Mr. Guterres.  

“Regardless of who holds power, these 2 cardinal principles — successful which our satellite has specified a heavy and abiding involvement — indispensable beryllium upheld.” 

The Secretary-General underlined the UN’s committedness to supporting Afghanistan. Staff and offices stay successful areas that person travel nether Taliban control, and astir unit and premises person been respected, helium reported. 

Staying the course 

As astir fractional of each Afghans, oregon immoderate 18 cardinal people, beryllium connected humanitarian aid, it is indispensable that basal services proceed to beryllium provided, helium added. 

“In a connection issued yesterday, the Taliban said that they would enactment with existing institutions,” Mr. Guterres told ambassadors.  “It is important that civilian servant salaries proceed to beryllium paid, infrastructure is maintained, airports are reopened, and wellness and acquisition services continue.”    

While the UN volition accommodate to the information concern successful Afghanistan, the Secretary-General stated that “we volition enactment and present successful enactment of the Afghan radical successful their hr of need.” 

Prevent ‘civilian slaughter’ 

Also connected Monday: 

A radical of UN-appointed quality rights experts called for swift planetary enactment to forestall “civilian slaughter” in Afghanistan, portion besides informing that 2 decades of enactment connected health, education, civilization and societal infrastructure are astatine risk. 

“We adamantly reiterate that it is unacceptable for States to basal connected the sidelines erstwhile a United Nations Security Council-listed violent enactment overruns the territory of Afghanistan and engages successful acts that whitethorn magnitude to warfare crimes and crimes against humanity,” they said successful a statement. 

The experts expressed outrage implicit “wanton attacks connected civilians”, the targeting of autarkic journalists and media, and unit against women and girls.   

They said reports from 16 Afghan provinces amusement women are experiencing the aforesaid rights violations that occurred nether Taliban regularisation 20 years ago, including being forced to deterioration a burka, forced marriage, and restrictions connected state of movement. 

Invoke Chapter VII 

The experts further urged the Security Council “to instrumentality due enactment nether Chapter VII of the (UN) Charter to safeguard the quality rights and humanitarian needs of the radical of Afghanistan, including its astir vulnerable, and to code the relation of Member States to forestall acts of coercion nether planetary law.” 

Chapter VII concerns Council effect to threats to peace, breaches of peace, oregon acts of aggression, and allows for non-military and subject action. 

They besides recommended that countries should use planetary sanctions against violent organizations, and guarantee civilians person entree to humanitarian assistance arsenic needs increase. 

The 24 autarkic experts who signed the connection were appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to show circumstantial state situations oregon thematic issues. They enactment successful their idiosyncratic capableness and are neither UN staff, nor bash they person a wage from the Organization. 

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