AFL boss 'unapologetic' in grand final stance

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AFL main enforcement Gillon McLachlan says he's "unapologetic" successful his stance that the expansive last volition lone play retired successful beforehand of a crowd.

McLachlan's remark is simply a striking denotation that the game's showpiece lawsuit is highly improbable to beryllium held astatine the MCG, fixed Melbourne's escalating COVID-19 numbers.

"The expansive last volition lone spell up with a crowd, correct?" said 3AW's Neil Mitchell.

"Correct," McLachlan said.

Mitchell: "So that means we've got to spell interstate."

McLachlan past drilled location the value of playing the expansive last successful beforehand of a crowd.

"I'm ... unapologetic astir that," McLachlan said.

"This is the pinnacle. There are 800 players and unit and 15 cardinal supporters (who) person been leaning successful each twelvemonth – and it needs to travel to a caput and springiness it justness to the biggest sporting lawsuit successful the country. That needs to beryllium with supporters due to the fact that they marque the game."

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan (Getty)

In what would beryllium crushing for the psyche of the game, determination is simply a large anticipation that not a azygous finals lucifer volition beryllium played successful Victoria.

"It would beryllium a precise bittersweet set-up – determination is nary uncertainty astir that," McLachlan said.

"But we are faced with the circumstances and the cards we've got. And the precedence is the wellness and wellbeing of our community. Our crippled can't travel up of that.

"The wellness (department) and the authorities authorities request to marque the decisions they request to marque and ... we'll enactment astir that arsenic we person for 18 months."

Richmond skipper Trent Cotchin and manager Damien Hardwick assistance the 2020 AFL premiership cup. (AFL Photos via Getty Images)

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