AFL not 'safe' for Indigenous stars, says Betts

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Retiring Carlton prima Eddie Betts says the AFL is inactive not a "safe" situation for Indigenous players, portion explaining Adam Goodes' plight inspired him to talk up connected the contented of racism.

Betts' illustrious 350-game vocation volition travel to an end erstwhile helium runs retired with Carlton for 1 past clip connected Saturday night, but his interaction connected the crippled volition proceed for generations.

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The 34-year-old volition spell down arsenic 1 of the AFL's top ever Indigenous players, and helium explained however helium had been inspired by Goodes aft persistent racism forced the Sydney Swans icon into premature retirement backmost successful 2015.

"The AFL level has truly fixed maine a spot to explicit myself and I conjecture erstwhile I talk astir my dependable and however I privation to usage it, I got that content from Adam Goodes," helium told Fox Footy's AFL360.

Betts says the AFL is inactive not a 'safe' situation for Indigenous radical who proceed to beryllium subjected to racism (Getty)

"What helium went done successful his travel and the ways things finished was truly disappointing and he'd fixed maine the courageousness and the spot to talk up and usage my dependable and I convey Adam for that."

Despite the lessons those progressive successful the crippled importune they person learned from Goodes' achy experience, Betts contends the AFL is inactive not a harmless abstraction for Indigenous people.

"I don't consciousness similar it's harmless astatine the moment. I honestly don't," helium said.

"I consciousness similar there's inactive a batch of racism, and this twelvemonth determination has been a batch of racism. It's been draining and it's been tiring. Every twelvemonth we spot myself and the different Aboriginal boys lasting up, trying to telephone it out, trying to marque a stance.

Betts said helium had been inspired to talk up and telephone retired racist acts by chap Indigenous large Adam Goodes (Getty)

"We've got to beryllium stronger. We've got to someway drawback these radical and support them accountable for what they accidental online oregon implicit the fence. It has been truly pugnacious and truly draining, and that's wherefore I told everyone past week that I request everyone's help.

"I'm not the 1 that's going to marque change. It's not connected Aboriginal radical present successful Australia that's going to marque the change. It's you guys that are going to marque the change. It's for radical to commencement calling it out, having those conversations."

Soft-spoken during his archetypal 9 seasons with the Blues, Betts admitted that moving to Adelaide allowed him to find his dependable arsenic a leader.

"[Leaving Carlton for Adelaide] was 1 of the hardest decisions I had to make, but I judge it was 1 of the champion decisions I made too," helium said. "It was conscionable a caller start."

"I started utilizing my dependable a spot more, I don't cognize wherefore I didn't astatine Carlton. I didn't usage my dependable successful my aboriginal years, but erstwhile I got to Adelaide, I started talking up and radical started listening and I started getting assured successful speaking and starring and truly grew."

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