Alex Murdaugh Surrenders After Trying to Fake His Own Killing

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U.S.|Alex Murdaugh Surrenders After Trying to Fake His Own Killing

But Mr. Murdaugh, portion of a salient household of South Carolina lawyers, has denied immoderate engagement successful the unsolved killings of his woman and lad successful June.

Sept. 16, 2021, 12:09 p.m. ET

The salient South Carolina lawyer whose beingness has unraveled successful the months aft his woman and lad were fatally changeable turned himself successful to the constabulary connected Thursday aft admitting that helium had tried to signifier his ain sidesplitting earlier this month, but helium maintained that helium had nary engagement successful the sidesplitting of his family.

Alex Murdaugh, the lawyer, is expected to look charges including lying to the constabulary and conspiracy to perpetrate security fraud successful transportation with the scheme, which was meant to guarantee that his older lad could cod connected his $10 cardinal beingness security policy.

Mr. Murdaugh thought up the program portion depressed by the nonaccomplishment of his household and his struggles to halt abusing oxycodone, 1 of his lawyers said. He added that Mr. Murdaugh had wrongly believed that his security argumentation would not wage retired if his decease was ruled a suicide.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, a authorities constabulary bureau that is investigating the Murdaugh case, earlier this week arrested 1 of Mr. Murdaugh’s erstwhile clients and said that Mr. Murdaugh had asked the lawsuit to termination him. Mr. Murdaugh was changeable successful the caput but survived with what his lawyers described arsenic a skull fracture; helium was capable to cheque retired of the infirmary aft astir 2 days.

One of Mr. Murdaugh’s lawyers, Jim Griffin, said connected Thursday greeting that Mr. Murdaugh was successful constabulary custody and that helium would person a tribunal proceeding successful Hampton County, S.C., successful the afternoon.

The apprehension of Mr. Murdaugh, 53, is the latest crook successful a bid of stunning developments that has brought attraction to the agrarian South Carolina Lowcountry, wherever the Murdaugh household has built powerfulness implicit the past period — archetypal by starring a determination prosecutor’s bureau for 8 decades implicit 3 generations, and much precocious done the household instrumentality firm.

The killing, successful June, of Mr. Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, and assemblage pupil son, Paul, trained much attraction connected the household and has led to aggravated scrutiny of 3 different deaths successful caller years, including 2 that the constabulary are present investigating.

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