Archerfish prove they can count by spitting at computer screens

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Previous probe has suggested that food person an innate consciousness of numbers, but critics accidental these experiments aren't the last word. Now, a caller survey has shown that archerfish truly tin count

Life 24 December 2021

By Michael Le Page


Archerfish spit h2o astatine their prey

Shutterstock / Roberto Dani

Can food count? An experimentation involving archerfish spitting astatine machine monitors has provided the champion grounds yet that they truly tin separate betwixt antithetic numbers.

Various studies implicit the past decennary oregon truthful person suggested that food person an innate consciousness of numbers like galore birds and mammals bash and are amazingly bully astatine mathematics. But these typically progressive tests specified arsenic idiosyncratic food choosing to articulation the largest of 2 shoals.

Critics accidental these experiments show lone that food person a consciousness of …

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