Atlanta Public Schools Moves to E-Tickets for Sporting Events

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By Alexis Grace | on August 19, 2021

By Staff Report | The Atlanta Voice

As precocious schoolhouse sports person returned successful full, with the shot play kicking disconnected this week, Atlanta Public Schools (APS) plans to marque the acquisition of attending games safer and much businesslike for parents and fans this season.

The territory is implementing an e-ticket lone inaugural astatine each diversion events charging admission. This caller process volition beryllium successful spot astatine Lakewood Stadium, Henderson Stadium and the Walden Athletic Complex, arsenic good arsenic astatine each school-based diversion facilities hosting competitions wherever a summons indispensable beryllium purchased for entry.

Through an statement with GoFan, those wishing to be games volition beryllium capable to acquisition tickets done the APS GoFan page. An e-ticket volition beryllium sent to the purchaser’s mobile device, which volition beryllium scanned astatine the stadium oregon schoolhouse for introduction into the game.

“This caller process volition assistance america bounds person-to-person interaction and chopped down connected the clip parents and fans walk waiting successful enactment astatine the summons gate,” said APS Athletic Director Jasper Jewell. “We convey GoFan for this concern that volition assistance america successful our districtwide effort to support our students, employees, parents and communities arsenic harmless arsenic we perchance can.”

The caller e-ticket inaugural volition let APS to run a much businesslike and nonrecreational summons gross process, portion creating a safer acquisition for fans. Purchasing tickets online allows fans to easy entree and stock tickets, via email oregon text, without lasting successful agelong lines.

Parents and fans are encouraged to acquisition their tickets online anterior to reaching the facility. For convenience, signs volition beryllium acceptable up astatine the venue to assistance usher them done the online purchasing process.

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