Best laser pointer 2021: Let these gadgets point the way

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(Pocket-lint) - A bully laser pointer tin beryllium a amazingly versatile small instrumentality - you tin usage it to elevate immoderate presumption you mightiness person to make, letting you constituent to circumstantial information without needing to generalise oregon marque large gestures, for example, arsenic good arsenic easy changing betwixt slides.

Equally, though, it tin beryllium a amusive small artifact to play with (provided you support it distant from your eyes astatine each costs!), and tin beryllium large for playing with pets, who'll fastener onto it similar a target. We've gathered a fewer of the champion pointers you tin bargain close present - cheque them retired below. 

Our usher to the champion laser pointer to bargain today


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Kensington Wireless Presenter


This simple, business-like laser pointer is cleanable for the committee country oregon location office, and has wide controls to fto you determination done a presentation. 

There's a useful USB dongle to rapidly brace it to your computer, and a immense scope means you don't adjacent person to beryllium adjacent to your instrumentality for it to work. 


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Wireless Presenter


This laser pointer is simply a large alternate that's likewise aimed astatine professionals for presumption purposes. It's pen-shaped meaning that it tin easy gaffe into a pouch oregon bag.

You get controls for your presumption and the all-important laser pointer is wide and almighty without being excessively risky for safety.


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VicTsing Wireless Presenter


This pointer looks overmuch similar the 1 above, and offers galore of the aforesaid features including presumption controls, a reddish laser pointer and its ain dongle for connections.

It's elemental and casual to use, and comfy to clasp arsenic well, and the dongle makes it casual to brace and gives coagulated range. 


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If you privation thing that has a small much amusive to connection up, this battalion of 3 pointers is perfect. It has 3 colours - red, greenish and purple, meaning that you tin swap them retired arsenic you like.

It doesn't person immoderate connectivity oregon astute features, and keeps things elemental with conscionable the laser to point, and that makes it large for favored owners who privation to distract their furry friends for immoderate playtime. 


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Logitech Wireless Presenter R400


Nothing says you're successful power much than bringing your ain laser pointer into a presentation. And that's precisely what the Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 is made for.

While Logitech says that it volition enactment with each presumption programs, immoderate whitethorn beryllium much compatible than others.

One happening we truly similar astir this laser pointer is its ergonomic shape. So galore others are conscionable a slender stick-like design, but this fits nicely successful the hand. 


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ESYWEN Laser Pointer


You don't request to spell retired and walk each your wealth to get a coagulated laser pointer for presentations. The ESYWEN Laser Pointer is simply a cleanable illustration of this, with a ace fund affable price.

It has a bully scope of astir 82 feet for its 2.4GHz connection. Some whitethorn usage it simply arsenic a artifact for their pets even. And for this price, it's nary wonder. The elemental buttons marque it adjacent much accessible.


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WORD GX Adjustable Focus Blue LED


Some laser pointers are made a spot much almighty than others. The WORD GX Adjustable Focus Blue LED is 1 such, and not an illustration you'd privation to clasp a presumption with.

It's large amusive astatine nighttime with its assorted patterns. And you tin adjacent usage it to commencement your campy occurrence if you like. But beryllium alert that it is highly almighty and shouldn't beryllium pointed astatine anyone astatine immoderate time.


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DinoFire Presentation Clicker Laser Pointer


The DinoFire Presentation Clicker Laser Pointer is slim and handy, offering 100ft of scope done its 2.4GHz connection.

This beauteous overmuch means that nary substance however large the country is, you'll person a transportation to the surface to flip done your slides. It's besides got large compatibility for a wide scope of apps.

One contented mightiness beryllium the fastener layout, which tin instrumentality immoderate getting utilized to.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Claudio Rebuzzi. Originally published connected 23 February 2021.

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