Best PC gaming controllers 2021: Top premium controllers for your computer

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(Pocket-lint) - If you conscionable can't get capable gaming goodness, but modular console controllers aren't cutting it for your PC, past you mightiness beryllium considering an upgrade. 

There are a fig of decent PC controllers retired determination that cater to antithetic devices and assistance up your game. Robust designs, multi-functional capabilities and customisation options abound. 

We've been playing with immoderate of the champion to compile a database of the astir absorbing and susceptible gaming controllers wealth tin buy.

Upgrade your cogwheel and upgrade your game.


Astro C40 Tournament Ready gaming controller representation  5

Astro C40 TR gaming controller


The Astro C40 TR is simply a wireless controller that's designed for the superior gamer. TR stands for Tournament Ready, truthful that already gives you a consciousness of however superior Astro is astir the plan of this controller. Sure, it mightiness beryllium expensive, but you precise overmuch get what you wage for. 

It features a snazzy, well-thought-out and robust plan aesthetic. Along with the charging cablegram and wireless dongle, you get a instrumentality for removing the faceplate, immoderate replacement analogue instrumentality caps and abstraction for much upgrades successful the future. It's remappable successful the bundle and an all-round large spot of kit. 


Best gaming controllers photograph  3

Scuff Instinct Pro

The Scuff Instinct Pro is simply a customisable show controller that's designed to enactment with some Xbox Series X and PC. It boasts wireless and wireless connections, swappable thumbsticks, high-trigger switches and customisable profiles too. 

This controller has a removable faceplate truthful you tin easy entree and swap the sticks and more. It besides has a customisable plan truthful you tin personalise the look to your liking. 

Faceplates are disposable with implicit 45 colours and you tin customise the thumbstick, bumpers, rings, buttons and much too. 


Razer Raiju eventual  crippled  controller representation  1

Razer Raiju Ultimate


Although the Raiju Ultimate isn't rather arsenic customisable arsenic the Astro C40 TR it inactive has plentifulness of absorbing plan features. You tin power the benignant and tallness of the analogue instrumentality caps, for example, and the benignant of the D-pad, but you can't swap their position. 

The Raiju Ultimate besides uses Bluetooth alternatively of 2.4Ghz wireless. Making it casual to brace and sync with different devices. This connectivity besides means you tin usage the smartphone app (for Android oregon iOS) wherever you tin easy remap buttons, power betwixt onboard representation profiles, set RGB lighting and instrumentality sensitivity too. 

This controller boasts a premium plan with masses of multi-function buttons and hairsbreadth triggers arsenic well. 


Razer Raion fightpad controller for PS4 representation  6

Razer Raion Fightpad


The Razer Raion is simply a spot of a antithetic monkey. It's much affordable than immoderate of the different controllers connected this list, but it's besides designed for a antithetic undertaking - namely warring games. 

It besides has 2 much buttons connected the apical to springiness your fingers entree to much successful the mediate of a fight. These face-buttons are besides built utilizing Razer's Yellow mechanical switches. Meaning they're not lone robust (with an 80-million pat lifecycle) but besides respond rapidly and accurately to your strokes. 

It besides boasts an 8-way directional pad to assistance you propulsion disconnected cleanable combos, finishing moves and more. It's a large controller for bashing up baddies. 


Msi Force Gc30 Gaming Controller representation  1

MSI Force GC30


If you're looking for thing much affordable, but inactive utile and good designed, past the MSI Force GC30 mightiness good beryllium worthy a look. This is simply a wireless controller that's designed to enactment with PC and Android smartphones (assuming you person a micro USB connection). 

It comes with 2 easy swappable D-pad covers with a metallic design. They link via magnets and rapidly detach erstwhile you request them too, offering flimsy customisation options but thing arsenic fancy arsenic the different controllers connected this list. 

Design highlights see textured broadside grips truthful the controller doesn't gaffe retired of your manus successful the mediate of a game, a susceptible wireless dongle with the state to play successful wired mode excessively and more.

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 13 December 2019.

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