BioWare Teases Citadel Replica Collectible To Celebrate Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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The Mass Effect Legendary Edition breathed caller beingness into a franchise that inspired 1 of the astir passionate fanbases to date. While galore longtime fans boarded the Normandy erstwhile more, galore newcomers joined the chaotic thrust against the Reapers for the archetypal time. As BioWare continues to enactment on the adjacent Mass Effect and Dragon Age 4, the workplace did tease thing chill for collectors. If you love collecting gaming memorabilia arsenic I do, past this Citadel replica tease mightiness beryllium close up your alley. 

BioWare has partnered with galore collectible companies done the years specified arsenic Gaming Heads, First 4 Figures, and Three Zero and it looks similar present it is partnering up with a antithetic institution to bring the Citadel to life. For those that whitethorn request a small refresher, the Citadel is the bosom of galactic nine successful the Mass Effect universe, a cardinal hub that is captious to important wide relays. It is besides location to Council business, a tiny elected radical of antithetic races meant to correspond their radical arsenic a antiauthoritarian voice. It besides played an important relation successful taking down the Reapers, which makes this caller collectible an absorbing caller addition. 

Years ago, BioWare teamed up with Dark Horse to bring a Reaper to beingness with a Sovereign replica and past aboriginal offered respective iterations of the Normandy, Commander Shepard's ship. As the caller BioWare Store continues to beef up its wares, it looks similar the bosom of civilization is the adjacent up to beryllium elaborate and acceptable to beryllium beauteous wrong your home. There's conscionable 1 catch: we don't cognize what it looks similar oregon however overmuch it costs. Yet. 

The workplace shared a tweet from Idea Planet Launch to tease the "first-ever Citadel replica" and connection a mode for funny fans to motion up for updates. For those interested, you tin capable retired a abbreviated signifier present to beryllium updated erstwhile the afloat uncover takes place. If it's similar erstwhile high-end collectibles celebrating the BioWare-verse, expect this to beryllium successful constricted quantity, though we don't person immoderate much accusation than that it's connected the mode astatine this time. To larn more, cheque retired the authoritative website for the caller collectible close here

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