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Visual novels are thing new, but they flourished successful the precocious nineties arsenic an offshoot of Japanese escapade games. More of an interactive acquisition than the accustomed gameplay, these titles halfway astir a travel wherever the subordinate chooses betwixt respective communicative routes, efficaciously shaping the narrative. This genre is besides known for its bursting romance simulators, though successful caller years the mean has started to cater to a wider subordinate basal beyond the accustomed people audience. Boyfriend Dungeon puts a roguelike rotation connected the genre and weaves a compelling storyline with a comedic twist reminiscent of games similar Dream Daddy.

In the latest Kitfox Games adventure, you trade your quality by choosing your hairstyles, clothing, pronouns, and different basal tweaks with a constricted quality instauration tool. Once done, players question to Verona Beach to get a caller commencement connected beingness with the enactment of the player’s ma and their relative Jesse. Your country wrong your cousin’s aged digs opens up a caller satellite of possibilities, a satellite that happens to beryllium filled with radical that tin crook into weapons. The ocular caller twist? They are each ridiculously hot.

The communicative is much than its romanticist ties. It’s astir facing idiosyncratic fears and learning much astir yourself and opening up to those astir you, adjacent erstwhile looking for elemental friendship. I felt similar I had more to bash wrong Boyfriend Dungeon than the accustomed ocular caller niche, peculiarly with subordinate prime regarding the formed of characters and the dungeon-crawling gameplay style. Boyfriend Dungeon mixes successful roguelike gameplay, making it much than conscionable an interactive novel. As acold arsenic roguelikes go, this is beauteous forgiving. The enactment is elemental and repetitive. Dying has nary existent penalty, you simply permission the Dunj (which is simply a promenade crawling with monsters successful the signifier of aged compartment phones and VHS tapes) and aftermath up backmost successful your apartment. There is besides the further enactment of the Shield successful the paper settings, allowing a antiaircraft buff erstwhile successful the vigor of battle, which should assistance players looking for an easier time. 

Throughout this journey, you take your limb ally, observe hidden locations, find tucked-away safes afloat of loot, and instrumentality moments betwixt rounds to compression successful a small other one-on-one clip with your emotion interest. The setup is cute, but constricted successful variety. Until you scope the bottommost depths, each level looks precisely the aforesaid and the force types are repetitive. To antagonistic this redundancy, you tin swap retired your limb earlier each level, allowing for caller conversations and combat strategies. For instance, moving with a dagger is beauteous amusive for the precocious floors portion the enemies are inactive astatine an mean level and not excessively overwhelming. On the different hand, thing much almighty similar Jonah’s axe is simply a bully prime erstwhile you’re going down into the deeper levels wherever meatier enemies lurk. My favourite limb was Leah, who is simply a hammer, due to the fact that we stock a emotion of karaoke but she besides conscionable kicks a ton of butt erstwhile it comes to getting cornered mid-fight. As you progress, determination are much instances of force encounters that power up the force types.

The existent Boyfriend Dungeon acquisition lies wrong the game’s characters. The mainstay romance options see Sunder, the atrocious lad with a secret, and Valeria, a pistillate with a escaped tone and a checkered past. There are besides splintering flirt options, those met passim the people of the crippled but not included successful the “main cast” of emotion interests. There are men, women, and non-binary imaginable romance options to get to cognize without the unit of getting lovey-dovey. Unlike galore games successful this space, Boyfriend Dungeon won’t punish you for favoring 1 quality implicit another, you tin take them each oregon nary astatine all! And if romance is not your thing, Boyfriend Dungeon allows players to stay friends with the characters they meet, alleviating immoderate unit to marque the “right choice.”

Each quality has their ain deeper communicative to uncover. Some storylines are light-hearted, portion others tackle “real” subjects specified arsenic betrayal, the longing to belong, and the continued process of increasing arsenic a human. Not each storyline deed a location run, but each quality is unsocial and easy relatable. I instantly connected with characters similar Valeria, and I enjoyed watching her travel of re-learning however to spot again, some platonically and romantically. Kitfox does a large occupation keeping that relatability believable contempt the game’s premise.You tin give gifts to the characters you treasure the most, perceive to 1 another’s stories, and get to cognize each different successful existent ocular caller benignant done dates and battling retired those Dunj monsters. 

Overall, Boyfriend Dungeon is an enjoyable acquisition for fans of some roguelikes and ocular novels. I similar that it gives you the enactment to marque the escapade unrecorded up to the romance simulator hype, oregon conscionable just immoderate large characters to go friends. Boyfriend Dungeon offers a charming gameplay acquisition contempt its simplistic mechanics and redundant enemies. With much characters teased for the future, I can’t hold to dive successful to spot what’s next.

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