Britney Spears explains topless posting spree

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(CNN)Britney Spears went from declaring she would beryllium posting little connected societal media to baring immoderate skin.

The vocalist has posted a fewer topless photos recently connected her verified Instagram account. In the shots she covers her bare breasts with her hands.

In 1 bid of photos Spears explained successful the caption, "I didn't get a boob occupation successful conscionable a week ... nor americium I large ... I person boobs successful these pics origin I devoured food."

    "Before I amusement you much pics of my assemblage ... I privation you to recognize my thoughts connected exposing my tegument !!!!," Spears wrote. "In my sentiment it's rather twisted the contiguous effect of erstwhile immoderate pistillate is blistery and they privation to shed a furniture ... nary ... I'm not talking successful a portion nine oregon a show ... conscionable connected a applicable standard of being successful your car and realizing you're wearing a anserine agelong sleeve garment successful the summer!!!!"

      Jamie Spears says helium  intends to measurement   down   arsenic  conservator of Britney Spears

      She went connected to constitute that she was posting the topless photos "because I was calved into this satellite bare and I honestly consciousness similar the value of the satellite has been connected my shoulders and it's made maine presumption myself that way!!!!"

      "I wanted to spot myself successful a lighter mode ... bare ... similar the mode I was calved and to maine looking backmost astatine my pictures erstwhile I sprout it's insane the science successful seeing myself successful my purest signifier gives grounds that symptom ... wounded ... tears ... and dense burdens aren't who I am," she wrote. "I americium a pistillate .... a beauteous ... delicate pistillate who needs to look astatine myself successful my purest form!!!"

      Spears is presently engaged successful a conflict to extremity the much than decennary agelong conservatorship that was enactment successful spot aft concerns implicit her intelligence health.

        In her topless posting she mentions the enactment of the#FreeBritney question that has sprung up successful enactment of that battle.

        On August 9 Spears wrote successful a caption of a video showing an avocado being chopped that she planned connected posting little due to the fact that "the quality has been beauteous nasty saying horrible and mean lies astir me."

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