Call of Duty Vanguard: Release date, platforms, and everything you need to know about COD 2021

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(Pocket-lint) - There are definite fixtures you tin trust connected successful the gaming calendar, and a regular Call of Duty merchandise is perfectly 1 of the astir predictable.

It's a bid that has enactment retired astir a crippled per twelvemonth for implicit aeons, and we present person an authoritative rubric - Call of Duty: Vanguard - and a abbreviated uncover trailer to dive into and explore.

Rumours and details are inactive circulating, too, providing america with immoderate scraps of accusation that Activision has yet to divulge, and this is the spot wherever we'll beryllium gathering everything determination is to cognize astir the 2021 instalment of Call of Duty.

Read connected to find retired everything determination is to cognize truthful far. 

COD Vanguard merchandise date

As already discussed, Call of Duty games don't thin to enactment connected peculiarly flexible merchandise timings - you tin mostly expect 1 to travel retired successful Autumn each year, and it looks similar 2021 should beryllium nary antithetic connected that front.

Activision has already confirmed that the adjacent game's main developer is Sledgehammer Games, which antecedently created Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and World War II, some comparatively solidly received entries successful the series.

As we mentioned up top, we present besides person an authoritative confirmation of the title, with Activision releasing a teaser trailer that teases Call of Duty: Vanguard and confirms the locations that were heavy rumoured pre-announcement.

— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) August 16, 2021

We present besides cognize that much accusation volition beryllium unveiled done an in-game lawsuit successful Call of Duty: Warzone connected 19 August 2021 astatine 13:30pm ET / 18:30 BST - which should beryllium a spot of fun, going by the Black Ops uncover past year.

This is wherever we expect to perceive of an authoritative merchandise day for Call of Duty: Vanguard, but, again, don't expect this to deviate excessively overmuch from what we've seen successful the past.


 Release date, platforms, and everything you request   to cognize  astir  the adjacent  COD photograph  2

COD Vanguard platforms

When it comes to platforms, Black Ops Cold War tin again beryllium a steadfast usher for what to expect from 2021's Call of Duty - it'll beryllium connected a heck of a batch of platforms, basically.

Next-generation consoles volition beryllium approaching their archetypal day erstwhile the crippled releases, truthful you tin expect them to alert the emblem for much graphically intensive and smooth-running gameplay.

Activision said arsenic overmuch successful a caller net call, confirming that the crippled is being "built for next-gen", crossed each crippled modes, which should mean amended visuals. 

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However, determination volition inactive beryllium tens of millions of players who are connected the PS4 oregon Xbox One, truthful the crippled volition perfectly travel retired connected those platforms, arsenic well. It's subsequently been confirmed that the crippled volition beryllium cross-platform and cross-generational, conscionable similar Cold War offers. 

Whether an other twelvemonth successful the oven tin spot the adjacent COD propulsion its graphics further than Cold War volition stay to beryllium seen, of course, but we're hoping for 4K enactment and ray tracing to marque definite everything looks astatine its precise best. 

COD Vanguard gameplay

Here's wherever things mightiness beryllium a small harder to foretell than you mightiness deliberation - portion determination are a fewer things we tin beryllium definite of erstwhile it comes to a COD game, determination are inactive immoderate existent variables.

What we tin trust connected is that it'll beryllium a first-person shooter with speedy time-to-kill and twitchy gameplay, and that it'll travel with a comparatively abbreviated but bombastic campaign, alongside a chunky multiplayer component.

That multiplayer volition person assorted squad modes crossed antithetic nonsubjective styles, and usage some caller maps and yet a enactment of remastered classics. 


 Release date, platforms, and everything you request   to cognize  astir  the adjacent  COD photograph  3

The supra is existent of beauteous overmuch each COD game, but erstwhile you look astatine Sledgehammer's erstwhile games you tin spot immoderate assortment - successful peculiar erstwhile it comes to subordinate movement. Advanced Warfare featured perchance the astir in-depth and extremist question successful immoderate COD crippled to date, with treble jumps, boosting, and much allowing for genuinely vertical tactics. 

That has since been rolled backmost arsenic players were divided by wherever it took the series, but it's wholly imaginable we'll spot different specified departure from the norm. Equally, the now-confirmed WWII way whitethorn spot america get different down-the-line COD with constricted question that's much reliant connected purpose than traversal. 


 Release date, platforms, and everything you request   to cognize  astir  the adjacent  COD photograph  4

We'll beryllium capable to get much of a consciousness of what to expect gameplay-wise aft the 'Battle of Verdansk' uncover lawsuit connected 19 August.

Another unfastened question is however the caller crippled volition integrate with Call of Duty: Warzone, which has smashed expectations to summation astir 100 cardinal players already.

The integration with Cold War successful December 2020 was much than a small clumsy and bug-ridden, but caller reports bespeak that it'll beryllium smoother for Vanguard, including a day-and-date merchandise of a caller representation for the immense conflict royale game.

COD Vanguard communicative and title

The authoritative announcement trailer from Activision confirms that pre-reveal representation leaks hinting astatine a WWII mounting were so accurate. And though that abbreviated clip wasn't wholly flush with accusation (it was conscionable a teaser, aft all), it did corroborate a fewer things. 

Vanguard, it's present astir certain, volition centre connected the 4 locations that look successful the trailer. You tin spot a sniper's nest, a godforsaken setting, a German wood and a formation filled with craft debris, hinting astatine the war's cardinal battlefields connected the Eastern Front, Western Front, Pacific and North Africa.

Each of the 4 destinations successful the trailer besides features a hidden look wrong the scene, with a mates of names ('Petrova' successful the archetypal scene, and 'Sgt. Kingsley' successful the third) perchance hinting astatine characters that volition diagnostic successful the crippled - possibly adjacent representing 2 of the 4 that look astatine the extremity of the trailer.

Call of Duty: VANGUARD
 WW2 Pacific theater.
 Contains immoderate remastered maps from CoD WaW (not wide which ones astatine the moment).
 Treyarch is assisting successful development.#CallofDuty #CODVanguard #CoD

— Solidas (@solidas6) August 12, 2021

The game, it's besides rumoured, volition seemingly person some multiplayer and single-player elements, and volition bring zombies to the array contempt not being a Treyarch game, which is simply a reasonably absorbing development.

However, speech from this, we expect to spot Activision grow connected the uncover trailer successful the 'Battle of Verdansk' lawsuit connected 19 August, truthful enactment tuned for much accusation and updates astir the implicit Vanguard package. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 11 January 2021.

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