Carlton boss blasted over farewell letter

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Caroline Wilson has blasted outgoing Carlton president Mark LoGiudice implicit an unfastened missive penned to the club's members detailing the successes of his tenure.

LoGiudice's missive was sent to Carlton members connected Monday greeting anterior to his handover to incoming president Luke Sayers being completed successful the last circular of what has been different underwhelming play astatine the club.

In the letter, LoGiudice outlined 10 successes he'd had during his clip arsenic president, including a grounds nine rank of 81,302 members this season, a assertion that was rubbished by Wilson.

"Speaking of the board, however astir the outgoing president's self-serving missive to the members?" she said connected Nine's Footy Classified.

Some of LoGiudice's 10 points of occurrence successful his tenure were rubbished by Wilson (Getty)

"Basically Mark LoGiudice gave himself 10 complimentary things that he'd done. One of them, a grounds rank of 81,000 members, sorry, didn't they springiness distant a escaped rank to anyone who wanted one?

"The worthy of that rank would beryllium astatine slightest $4 cardinal little than immoderate different nine with 81,000 members, No knocking [Carlton CEO] Cain Liddle, large initiative, but an inaccurate boast."

LoGiudice besides claimed that he'd implemented a committee "with beardown governance, strategy, succession and accountability", which was again changeable down by Wilson.

"What a joke, what an utter joke," she said.

"They've had 3 coaches successful his time, each failed, atrocious David Teague but it has been a nonaccomplishment truthful far.

Carlton has endured yet different failed play contempt lofty pre-season ambitions (Getty)

"They're onto their 3rd CEO, they got escaped of Gregg Swann who's gone connected to bash beauteous awesome things successful Brisbane.

"He cannot accidental that the governance, with what they've enactment that footy nine done this year, is strong.

"Yes, they've introduced a women's squad with galore different people, but seriously. The Reconcilliation Action Plan, Eddie Betts I deliberation is their Indigenous liason officer.

"I'm not saying they person an contented with their Indigenous players, but they are not a beardown footy nine and they've failed successful the 1 country you're meant to succeed, that's connected the field."

The missive was besides heavy criticised by Footy Classified big Craig Hutchison, who called it "tone-deaf".

LoGiudice has presided implicit a fig of coaches successful his clip astatine Carlton, including Brendon Bolton (Getty)

"You astir felt arsenic if that came from 1 of those fake tweet accounts erstwhile you archetypal saw it," helium said.

"If determination are hard decisions to beryllium made successful the review, beryllium it coaching, recruiting oregon otherwise, helium should've those decisions and announced them. The close happening to bash was to really enactment his sanction to decisions earlier helium left."

Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes besides chimed in, saying the missive indicated conscionable however retired of interaction the committee had travel with Carlton's rabid fanbase that is bare for success.

"Supporters don't attraction astir that stuff, they privation wins," helium said.

"When you've been a handbasket lawsuit for 20 years, it conscionable shows that a missive similar that is truthful retired of touch."

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