Cybersecurity Expert Says He’s Disproven Mike Lindell’s Claims, Demands $5 Million Prize

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Following the 2020 election, supporters of Donald Trump were hopeless to beryllium that the Republican had won. And if helium hadn’t won, they said, helium was cheated.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton offered a $1 cardinal reward for impervious of elector fraud. Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman demanded $3 cardinal aft showing that 3 Trump supporters committed elector fraud successful his state.

Mike Lindell did thing similar, offering $5 cardinal to immoderate “cyber-guy” who could beryllium that Trump won the election. Now a cyber information adept is demanding the prize from Lindell, saying that helium has proven the pillow guy’s claims to beryllium false.

The Security Institute’s Bill Alderson explained:

“Every clip a packet is collected the information is successful it. Every azygous one. With each of my exhibits, proving what my content was astir the packets and wherefore they were not packets and wherefore they did not incorporate IP headers, wherefore they did not incorporate Ethernet addresses, wherefore they did not incorporate congruent, you know, request-response packets, portion they were not successful P-PCAP format, and they didn’t incorporate immoderate dating oregon thing of that nature.”

Steve Bannon asked Lindell during a caller podcast appearance, “Has 1 of the cyber guys, 1 of the hostiles that were there, person they filed for the $5 million? Is that fake news?”

The My Pillow Guy answered, “That conscionable came out. He says he’s going to present papers to my attorney. My lawyer reached retired to me. They’re looking into that. The full rumor going astir the symposium was that this information is not from the 2020 election. Well, the full situation was [to] validate information from the 2020 November election. It had thing to bash with my data.”

Watch a video of the speech betwixt Lindell and Bannon below:

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