#Decision2021: Qualifying fees have been set for Atlanta elections

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By Itoro Umontuen | on August 16, 2021

Staff Report | The Atlanta Voice

A photograph of the Atlanta City Council chambers connected January 7, 2019. (Photo: Itoro N. Umontuen/The Atlanta Voice)

If you oregon idiosyncratic you cognize is funny successful moving for a governmental bureau wrong the City of Atlanta this year, the qualifying fees and filing accusation person been set. The 2021 City of Atlanta Municipal General Election is scheduled to beryllium held Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021. If necessary, a run-off predetermination volition beryllium held Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021. The rules are listed below:

Candidates indispensable use and record to suffice successful person. Qualifying accusation tin beryllium filed betwixt 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. from Tuesday, Aug. 17 to Friday, Aug. 20 astatine Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue SW.

Candidates whitethorn suffice by pursuing methods:

1.) Filing a announcement of candidacy and paying a acceptable qualifying interest to the municipal clerk/election superintendent oregon designated cause for the desired bureau arsenic follows:



City Council President        


City Council Member           


Board of Education Member          



2.) Filing a announcement of candidacy, a qualifying petition and a pauper’s affidavit affirming nether oath the candidate’s poorness oregon inability to wage the qualifying interest arsenic required by O.C.G.A. Sections 21-2-132(g) and 21-2-132(h) with the municipal clerk/election superintendent oregon designated agent.

All polls wrong the City of Atlanta successful some Fulton County and DeKalb County volition beryllium opened astatine 7 a.m. and stay unfastened until 8 p.m. for the wide predetermination and the run-off election, if 1 is necessary, pursuant to Official Code of Georgia Section 21-2-403.

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