Despite Massive COVID Surge, DeSantis Issued a Statement Bragging About Florida’s Booming Tourism

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Ron DeSantis has helped his authorities of Florida to go the epicenter of the Delta variant successful the United States. But helium doesn’t look astatine each acrophobic astir stopping the surge.

Instead, DeSantis has focused connected the COVID civilization war. He has threatened to halt paying schoolhouse administrators who instituted disguise mandates (a fig of districts person chosen to defy him.) And alternatively of urging vaccinations, the politician is alternatively pushing a attraction that radical can’t entree until they declaration COVID and that costs $1200.

And this week, DeSantis had the gall to observe the information that Florida’s tourism is booming contempt the afloat ICU’s successful the state.

The politician wrote successful a statement, “Florida continues to service arsenic an illustration for the state that erstwhile you cull lockdowns and unnecessary mandates, your system volition thrive.”

Pauline Frommer, who publishes question books, thinks that are definite benignant of traveler is attracted to the deficiency of restrictions. She besides notes, “A batch of Americans are rightly tense astir overseas travel.” In the end, helium question adept predicts, “I deliberation the momentum volition beryllium stalled. I don’t spot however (Florida) tin proceed to beryllium arsenic popular.”

Many radical volition proceed to sojourn Florida whether they are vaccinated oregon not. The ones who stay unvaxxed, though, are taking a beauteous important risk.

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