Education and research sector hit by highest number of cyberattacks in July

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Facilities successful the assemblage saw an mean of 1,739 attacks per enactment each week past month, according to Check Point Research.


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Cybercriminals thin to people organizations and industries that they cognize are vulnerable. That's particularly existent fixed the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic and the determination to distant work. A report published Wednesday by cyber menace quality supplier Check Point Research looks astatine the latest question of cyberattacks against acquisition and probe facilities successful peculiar and offers tips connected however to amended combat them.

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Since mid-2020, the measurement of play cyberattacks successful wide has risen steadily. Responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, organizations were forced to modulation their workforce to a distant environment. In galore cases, that displacement was done truthful rapidly and abruptly that information requirements and standards often took a backseat.

Similarly, schools person had to determination to a distant learning setup for teachers and students. And fixed that COVID-19 inactive presents a menace with the delta variant, schools proceed to find themselves successful a confusing, uncertain situation. All of that is wherefore the acquisition and probe assemblage has been deed by a higher fig of cyberattacks than different industries.

For July 2021, schools and probe facilities experienced an mean of 1,739 cyberattacks per enactment each week. That measurement showed a 29% summation from the archetypal fractional of 2021. The lone manufacture that saw a larger summation was the leisure sector, and that was mostly owed to the demands of the summertime season.


Weekly mean fig of attacks per enactment globally – acquisition assemblage vs different sectors (2020 – 2021).

Image: Check Point Research

As conscionable 1 of galore examples, the Department of Education successful Australia's New South Wales was the victim of a cyberattack successful aboriginal July. The incidental forced the section to unopen down galore of its online learning platforms conscionable days earlier the caller schoolhouse word was to start.

To assistance schools and probe organizations amended support themselves against cyberattacks, Check Point offers respective recommendations.

  1. Review your passwords. Review and fortify the passwords utilized for logging into distant systems and resources, specified arsenic email and enactment applications.
  2. Watch retired for phishing attacks. Avoid clicking connected links that look suspicious and lone download contented from reliable and verified sources. If you person an email with an antithetic request, cheque the sender's details to corroborate that you're communicating with a workfellow oregon different trusted person.
  3. Reduce your onslaught surface. For endpoints, marque definite you person afloat power of peripherals, applications, web postulation and data. Encrypt information erstwhile it is successful motion, astatine rest, and successful use. Also, beryllium definite to enforce your interior policies to comply with endpoint information requirements.
  4. Deploy anti-ransomware technology. This benignant of defence helps observe signs of ransomware arsenic good arsenic mutations of known and chartless malware families done behavioral investigation and generic rules.
  5. Contain and remediate cyberattacks. Contain and power attacks by detecting and blocking bid and power traffic. Prevent the lateral question of malware by isolating infected machines. Make definite you cleanable your situation by quarantining files, sidesplitting processes and sterilizing the afloat onslaught chain.

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