Eels star fires back at 'jealous' outsiders

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Injured Paramatta hooker Reed Mahoney has emphatically unopen down rumours of a rift betwixt Eels players

With the Eels mired successful a signifier slump that has seen the broadside driblet 4 consecutive matches, fingers person been pointed everywhere, including astatine manager Brad Arthur who has fielded a fig of questions surrounding his aboriginal astatine the club.

Rumours of a rift betwixt players person been rife aft a Daily Telegraph study claimed that a fig of individuals were near frustrated aft definite players were fixed amended edifice rooms based connected their lasting astatine the club.

However, according to Mahoney, that peculiar rumour couldn't beryllium further from the truth.

"Mine [hotel room] is fine. I've been successful a fewer different boys' rooms and they're beauteous overmuch each the same," helium told 9News Sydney.

Reed Mahoney of the Eels. (Getty)

"I'm not excessively definite wherever that's travel from. We're truly close, we're a truly bully clump of fellas. Everyone gets along.

"I deliberation the things that are being said person travel from an outer root that is jealous oregon thing similar that.

"People tin accidental what they want, we volition get connected with the job."

Parramatta's contingent, similar the remainder of the competition, is staying successful a Queensland hub and is surviving retired of hotels until the decision of the play owed to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting different states crossed the nation.

Heartbroken Mahoney reduced to tears

Mahoney besides opened up connected the infinitesimal helium suffered his season-ending enarthrosis injury, which astatine the clip near the hooker shattered arsenic helium fought backmost tears retired connected the field.

"As soon arsenic I did it, I knew I was going to beryllium done for the year," Mahoney said.

"Obviously we haven't been going large implicit the past fewer weeks, I deterioration my bosom connected my sleeve, for that to hap to maine - I broke retired successful emotion and that's however I play the game.

"I felt similar I fto the boys down … I've accepted it present and it's going to marque maine a stronger idiosyncratic and going to marque maine much bare for adjacent year."

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