Elliott, Georgia State Panthers ready for season opener against Army

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Georgia State caput manager Shawn Elliott shouts astatine players during an NCAA shot crippled against the Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns connected Saturday, September 19, 2020. (AP Photo/John Amis)

The Georgia State Panthers volition footwear disconnected their 2021 shot play astatine location Saturday against the Army Knights.

After finishing past play 6-4 with a triumph successful the LendingTree Bowl, the Panthers are projected by galore to vie wrong the Sun Belt Conference and marque it to the league title game.

As Panthers caput manager Shawn Elliott goes into 5th play astatine Georgia State, helium is assured successful his squad this play and feels similar they are wherever they request to be. He embraces the situation of opening with an hostile similar the Knights.

“I deliberation the fig 1 happening is opening with a prime opponent,” said Elliott. “I similar opening up against pugnacious opponents. I deliberation it’s a large accidental to showcase our assemblage and our shot programme against a prime opponent.”

The Panthers are besides returning a batch of veterans this season. They person 20 starters coming backmost this play and volition beryllium looking to physique disconnected of past season’s performance. Elliott believes it does play a relation not lone conscionable for this crippled but for the season.

“I deliberation acquisition plays a relation successful immoderate contest,” said Elliott. “I deliberation they’re going to beryllium starting 4 oregon 5 caller starting violative lineman truthful you anticipation that is an advantage. We surely person that.”

One cardinal to the Panthers’ occurrence this play volition beryllium the instrumentality of their commencement backmost Cornelious “Quad” Brown. Brown finished 2nd successful the Sun Belt successful passing yards per crippled (227.8) and full discourtesy per crippled (257.9). After starring the Panthers to their 2nd vessel triumph successful schoolhouse past earning the MVP successful the Lendingtree Bowl, galore are expecting Brown to instrumentality the adjacent measurement successful the Georgia State program.

Elliott has seen Brown turn since helium was a existent freshman and thinks determination is 1 happening helium has learned being the person of the offense.

“Intelligence,” said Elliott. “He has to beryllium a tract manager and cognize what those guys [can do]. I deliberation he’s done a large job.”

Brown volition person his violative weapons successful the backfield and alongside him. One limb is returning wide receiver Cornelious McCoy. For McCoy, being backmost this play is breathtaking and helium is anxious to get connected the field.

“We are ready,” said McCoy. “We are blessed to get our fans back, I was missing them. Being back, having our fans back, it’s lone up from here.”

McCoy besides has acceptable goals for himself this play and wants to conscionable those expectations.

“This year, my extremity is to scope 1000 yards,” said McCoy. “[I privation to spell for] 12 positive touchdowns and I privation to spell for 105 receptions.”

The Panthers defence has a fewer veterans coming backmost this play arsenic good and volition beryllium a large cardinal successful the team’s success. Panthers cornerback Jaylon Jones volition beryllium backmost for his elder play aft starring the squad successful walk breakups past play (11). Jones is excited for the matchup against the Knights.

“Opening up against a apical tier squad tests you and spot what you’re made of,” said Jones. “We are going to spot however disciplined we are. We person to minimize mistakes, turnovers and penalties.”

Game clip is acceptable for noon Saturday astatine Center Parc Stadium.

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