'Embarrassed' Clarkson's next move after Hawks exit

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Departing Hawthorn mentor Alastair Clarkson has refused to regularisation retired coaching different nine but expects to instrumentality clip distant from the AFL aft leaving his station pursuing his past crippled astatine the helm this weekend.

Clarkson volition pb the Hawks for the 390th and last clip successful Hawthorn's clash with Richmond astatine the MCG connected Saturday, after his statement to a coaching handover with Sam Mitchell ended successful a mess.

Clarkson said helium was "embarrassed" astatine the mode the club's coaching succession program had worked retired aft respective nationalist statements astir Hawthorn's aboriginal absorption were undermined down the scenes.

"I'm astir a small spot embarrassed to beryllium talking astir it, to beryllium fair, due to the fact that immoderate has been said successful the past 3 oregon 4 weeks has changed truthful much," Clarkson told reporters.

"Whatever you say, you conscionable can't instrumentality it arsenic gospel.

"But my sincere volition close astatine this constituent successful clip – and has been for the past 4 to six weeks present that I'm nary longer coaching Hawthorn – (is) I privation to person a spell from the crippled and conscionable spot what that remainder volition bash for me.

Alastair Clarkson (Getty)

"Whether it volition reignite immoderate existent passionateness to get progressive successful the crippled again oregon really instrumentality the accidental to spell overseas ... and bash immoderate things that my woman and I person ne'er done earlier due to the fact that we've been truthful heavy progressive successful footy ..."

Clarkson says he's unsure however agelong his interruption from footy volition last.

"It mightiness beryllium 12 months oregon 2 years, and it mightiness beryllium that it's forever. I don't know," Clarkson said.

"I request to get into the adjacent fewer weeks and conscionable spot wherever that each pans retired for me."

This week's lucifer against Richmond volition treble arsenic Hawthorn seasoned Shaun Burgoyne's 407th and last game.

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