Encore Salon Suites lands First Franchise Deal

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Patrice “Sway” McKinney successful the lobby of the Atlanta location. (Photo Credit: Bria Suggs/The Atlanta Voice)

Patrice “Sway” McKinney is the CEO and laminitis of Encore Salon Suites, a postulation of hairsbreadth salon suites for lease successful 3 metro Atlanta locations. McKinney precocious closed her archetypal franchise woody for 3 units expected to beryllium built successful northbound Georgia.

Along with locations successful Atlanta and Marietta, the Sandy Springs determination is McKinney’s astir recent. She signed the lease successful January but owed to COVID-19, has faced delays. She expects to unfastened that determination successful 2 months. 

McKinney started franchising her concern close earlier the pandemic hit, and that is wherefore she believes it took her a portion to motion her archetypal deal.

“But they accidental the archetypal woody is the astir hard deal,” McKinney said. “So we yet closed that woody and present the extremity is to support expanding each crossed the world.”

She ever dreamed of owning a barbershop, but moving successful the hairsbreadth manufacture was not her archetypal vocation choice. “When I was younger, I was a hoops prima but I ever said I liked the [barbershop] environment, the information that it seemed similar the stylists had freedom, and much importantly, that they genuinely conscionable got to beryllium themselves,” said McKinney.

She and her household moved to Atlanta successful 2008. Five years aboriginal McKinney began pursuing her puerility passionateness of becoming a barber. She worked overnights astatine Walmart, slept for a fewer hours, and would spell to barber schoolhouse earlier going backmost to work.

After completing the nine-month program, McKinney was exposed to the conception of leasing suites. 

“My archetypal barbershop, I walked in, and it was a clump of antithetic rooms,” McKinney said. “So I was similar ‘What’s going connected here?’. She learned astir leasing suites and feels grateful to person been a portion of that concern successful the aboriginal stages, due to the fact that it allowed her to spot however to commencement leasing suites. 

“I went into concern with a spouse and we opened 1 close adjacent doorway [to that archetypal barbershop],” McKinney said. “That went precise good and I started the Encore marque successful 2017.”

When looking for locations for the archetypal Encore Salon Suites, the archetypal determination McKinney saw is what is present the Atlanta determination which utilized to beryllium an aged aesculapian office. She liked that the rooms were already built, which saved money.

Starting a caller concern for McKinney wasn’t precisely easy.

“I did that each by myself. It was pugnacious successful the end, I had to get a small money, but I was inactive capable to propulsion it off,” said McKinney. “It was decidedly stressful, conscionable dealing with the contractors and it being my archetypal experience.”

A twelvemonth later, she opened the Marietta location. She hasn’t chopped hairsbreadth professionally successful implicit a twelvemonth now, and though she misses the lawsuit interaction, it became excessively hard to beryllium a barber and tally an expanding business. Her suites travel unfurnished truthful that tenants tin customize their abstraction and genuinely person a concern of their own.

“I dainty [my tenants] similar concern owners due to the fact that they are,” McKinney said. “They really person a licence and everything, truthful they don’t enactment for me. I emotion to springiness that accidental to them wherever they tin travel successful and customize it to bespeak their benignant and genuinely consciousness similar it’s theirs.” 

McKinney besides gives those who rent retired her suites the accidental to instrumentality classes connected however to beryllium a amended quality professional. 

“I really amusement them however to beryllium professional, however to really run professionally, however to budget, however to program for your retirement, due to the fact that they don’t person those things successful spot for us,” McKinney said. “I truly emotion that portion astir it due to the fact that cipher teaches that. And a batch of radical get into this manufacture and they get stuck. They don’t cognize however to retire, oregon you injure your manus oregon thing and present you’re conscionable retired of luck. So I deliberation it’s important to amended people, and much importantly, our radical connected that.”

McKinney plans connected continuing to amended minorities connected however to beryllium palmy and nonrecreational portion continuing to grow the Encore brand. In the future, she wants to beryllium arsenic large arsenic her competitors with locations crossed the country.

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