Engine No. 1 is all talk, no strategy with Exxon Mobil

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What does Engine No. 1’s caller proxy combat astatine Exxon Mobil person successful communal with the insane trading successful GameStop and AMC communal banal that occurred during the pandemic? The reply is that they each garnered tons of media attraction but accomplished nothing.   

Engine No. 1, a tiny hedge money with little than $40 cardinal worthy of Exxon Mobil XOM, -1.56% communal banal successful hand, amazingly succeeded successful getting 3 of its 4 nominated directors elected to Exxon’s board. Unfortunately, the hedge-fund activism of Engine No. 1, seeking to heighten shareholder value, trim Exxon’s c emissions, and modulation it into a planetary person successful profitable clean-energy production, was not capable to supply circumstantial recommendations connected however Exxon Mobil was to execute these objectives. 

For example, what precisely are the profitable clean-energy opportunities that Engine No. 1 would similar to spot Exxon Mobil put in? Engine No. 1 did not supply an answer. 

In sum, a deficiency of specificity indicated that it was not genuinely informed astir the operations of Exxon Mobil oregon however to negociate its semipermanent future.  

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Confirmation that Engine No. 1’s activism was not expected to positively interaction Exxon Mobil tin beryllium recovered successful the deficiency of an associated upward question successful Exxon’s banal price. As observed by Hemang Desai, Shiva Rajgopal and Sorabh Tomar successful June, whatever summation successful the banal since Engine No. 1’s activism became nationalist tin beryllium attributed to a emergence successful lipid prices that person benefited each lipid and state companies.  

However, adjacent without circumstantial recommendations oregon a affirmative marketplace terms reaction, Engine No. 1 was inactive capable to triumph its proxy fight. How was it capable to bash this?

No uncertainty the timing was right. Exxon Mobil was floundering financially arsenic a effect of a precocious indebtedness load, pandemic-reduced request for its products, and debased lipid and state prices. Yet astatine the clip that Engine No. 1 began its proxy combat successful earnest connected March 15, Exxon was inactive a $250 cardinal institution and recognized arsenic 1 of those tiny fig of top-performing companies, based connected decades of superior appreciation and dividend payouts, that person allowed the banal marketplace to importantly outperform U.S. Treasurys implicit time.       

Exxon Mobil was floundering financially arsenic a effect of a precocious indebtedness load, pandemic-reduced request for its products, and debased lipid and state prices

Engine No. 1 succeeded due to the fact that it focused connected gaining the enactment of the “Big 3” concern advisers to scale and ESG funds — BlackRock BLK, +0.34%, Vanguard, and State Street Global Advisors. The Big 3 ain astir 21% of Exxon Mobil’s voting stock. However, that percent importantly understates their voting powerfulness due to the fact that they volition apt ballot each their shares portion idiosyncratic investors — those astir apt to ballot with absorption — won’t.

To garner the Big 3’s support, Engine No. 1 appealed to their tendency to beryllium perceived arsenic concern advisers who are making a quality successful mitigating clime change. Such a cognition is indispensable to pull “millennial” investors, the capitalist conception that volition soon beryllium the ascendant capitalist benignant successful mutual-fund and exchange-traded-fund investing.   

So the Big 3 were nether a batch of unit to enactment Engine No. 1’s efforts oregon other they would beryllium perceived arsenic not walking the speech connected clime change. Based connected their voting, it appears that the selling implications won retired implicit the request to really instrumentality value-enhancing alteration astatine Exxon Mobil. BlackRock ended up supporting 3 Engine No. 1 manager nominees, portion Vanguard and State Street Global Investors each supported two.  

An impediment to warring clime change

Perhaps astir importantly, Engine No. 1’s hedge-fund activism whitethorn beryllium an impediment to the world’s quality to woody with clime change. As observed by Tariq Fancy, BlackRock’s erstwhile main concern serviceman for sustainable investing, “one acquisition COVID-19 has hammered location is that systemic problems—such arsenic a planetary pandemic oregon clime change—require systemic solutions. Only governments person the wide-ranging powers, resources and responsibilities that request to beryllium brought to carnivore connected the problem.”  

If so, past the Engine No. 1’s palmy proxy combat whitethorn person caused important harm to clime alteration mitigation efforts “by creating a societal placebo that delayed overdue authorities reforms,” he added. That is, the sustained absorption connected the proxy combat and the cognition that Engine No. 1’s triumph represents a triumph successful the combat against clime alteration whitethorn person reduced our consciousness of urgency to advocator for beardown governmental actions that volition person a existent interaction connected mitigating clime change. Fancy, the erstwhile BlackRock executive, refers to this arsenic a “deadly distraction.” 

Engine No. 1’s activism resulted successful Exxon needlessly spending important resources connected defending its manager nominees and thereby distracting Exxon Mobil from engaging successful its existent strategy of focusing connected the accumulation of lipid and gas, a strategy that Engine No. 1 could not adequately disprove arsenic being the close one. 

Yes, Exxon’s existent strategy whitethorn effect successful the institution stranding lipid and state assets oregon the institution yet losing its autarkic beingness if the roadworthy to decarbonization speeds up, but until proven otherwise, possibly a antithetic hedge-fund activistic that is much informed volition service that role, its strategy cannot beryllium discounted arsenic the 1 that volition maximize the worth of the company’s stock. 

Henry Butler is enforcement manager of the Law & Economics Center astatine George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School. Bernard Sharfman is simply a probe chap astatine the Law & Economics Center and a elder firm governance chap of RealClearFoundation.

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