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Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is retired for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 tomorrow, and the caller mentation comes with a batch of upgrades and caller contented that we can't defy checking out! Jump successful with the Game Informer unit contiguous to see the unexplored Iki island, Jin's dramatic backstory, and immoderate pet-worthy wildlife. We mightiness adjacent get a glimpse of the expansion's caller abilities, similar the awesome-sounding equine charge. Our caller impressions portion calls the director's cut a "must-play for fans," but if you're inactive connected the obstruction oregon conscionable privation to spot immoderate sweet Ghost of Tsushima action, articulation america for today's jaunt done feudal Japan!

Your guides for this chaotic land circuit volition beryllium the stick-wielding Alex Stadnik, the invincible Dan Tack, and the fearsome Jill Grodt. The expansion's setting, the colorful Iki Island, is big to an wholly caller communicative that features Jin attempting to face different question of Mongol forces. This includes the Eagle, a Mongol person that could marque adjacent the mightiest warrior shingle successful their boots. Especially since the Eagle volition beryllium starring a caller force benignant into battle: shamans. These warriors volition support our different enemies hyped for battle, and, adjacent with a myriad of techniques mastered, they could beryllium rather the challenge. But it won't beryllium each action.

We besides anticipation to instrumentality immoderate clip to unbend and bask Iki Island's galore activities. What does a haiku from the Game Informer unit look like? You mightiness find out. Additionally, determination are immoderate caller things to cheque retired successful the expansion, similar carnal sanctuaries. These havens volition trial our flute-playing abilities and hopefully gully successful immoderate of the island's astir adorable animals. Of course, it'll beryllium important to halt and instrumentality successful the sights of the beauteous Iki land itself. 

We volition beryllium going unrecorded astatine 2 p.m. CT, truthful halt by and spot what the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut has to offer! 

To get acceptable for the stream, you tin cheque retired much of our Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut coverage, including a spoiler-filled plea to Sucker Punch asking the workplace to support 1 of our favourite characters safe. If you are looking to prime up the crippled and would similar a breakdown of what comes on with the director's cut, we person 1 conscionable for you! Feel escaped to look implicit those details here.

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