Fox News Is Finally Being Held Accountable As Judge Grills Them For Election Lies

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A justice grilled Fox News astir their 2020 predetermination lies arsenic portion of the Smartmatic lawsuit.

The Lawsuit Is Not Going Well For Fox News, Giuliani, And The Other Defendants

CNBC reported:

In virtual oral arguments connected Fox’s bid to person the lawsuit dropped, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge David Cohen pressed counsel for the blimpish quality outlet astir circumstantial claims made connected its aerial by existent and erstwhile hosts Maria Bartiromo, Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs.

“How is that not defamatory?” Cohen astatine 1 constituent asked Fox lawyer Paul Clement aft referencing a assertion from Dobbs successful mid-November that Smartmatic had been banned successful Texas. The institution had not been banned successful the state.

Smartmatic Took Aim At Fox News’s Claim That Their Shows Are Opinion

The Smartmatic suit is abstracted from the Dominion lawsuit, but lawyers were acceptable for Fox’s claims that their predetermination lies are protected nether the First Amendment.

Fox argued that their shows are sentiment programming and protected nether the First Amendment, but Smartmatic said that hosts made statements of information that were mendacious astir voting machines and voting systems, truthful it doesn’t substance what Fox News calls the show, it was spreading mendacious accusation arsenic information astir the 2020 election.

The lawsuits are not going good for Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell. The defendants mislaid a question to person the Dominion suit dismissed, and if a justice dismantles Fox News’s assertion that they are opinion, the dam could interruption connected bid of lawsuits that could enactment them retired of business.

Fox News is being held accountable for the lies and disinformation that they dispersed and disguise arsenic news.

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