Fox News Personality Mark Levin Goes on Absurd Rant, Claims Taliban “Gave Safe Harbor to Obama”

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Fox News property Mark Levin claimed that the Taliban, which has implicit the past fewer days seized power of Afghanistan, “gave harmless harbor” to erstwhile President Barack Obama.

“When the hellhole is the media successful this country, oregon the flunkies who dependable similar the media successful this state going to get implicit this?” helium said of the media’s sum of the Taliban takeover without citing immoderate evidence. “They’re an evil people. These radical attacked us. They gave harmless harbor to Obama. They present power Afghanistan. They didn’t adjacent power the bluish portion of Afghanistan.”

“Thanks to [President Joe] Biden, they present power much of Afghanistan than they did earlier 9/11,” helium continued. “Our borderline is wider unfastened present than it was earlier 9/11. This president refuses to bash thing astir it. So what are we expected to do, beryllium present and speech astir it?”

You tin ticker footage of Levin’s quality successful the video below.


Levin, who is 1 of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s much fervent supporters, has pushed conspiracy theories astir Obama successful the past.

In 2013, Levin made the erroneous assertion that “the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government” and called Obama a Muslim Brotherhood “sympathizer.”

“[They] inquire questions astir the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of our ain government, and they’re treated similar pariahs,” Levin said successful effect to reports that the Obama medication was going to nonstop F-16 planes and tanks to assistance then-Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi‘s government. “Well, the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our authorities – it’s called Barack Obama! No, he’s not a ceremonial member; he’s a sympathizer. There, I said it! Prove otherwise.”

In 2015, helium insisted that Obama “has an affinity for Islam acold much than Christianity oregon Judaism” and “seeking to destruct Israel.”

Levin has repeatedly pushed birtherism, the debunked content that Obama was not calved successful the United States contempt each grounds to the contrary. Trump breathed further beingness into these conspiracy theories connected the run proceedings aft utilizing his societal media clout to disseminate them for years.

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