Fox’s Will Cain: There Are Different Ways to Fight This Pandemic Other Than Masks [VIDEO]

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Will Cain spent a fig of years moving astatine ESPN. But it ne'er seemed similar sports were his existent passion. So successful 2020, helium near the sports giants to go a big implicit astatine the Fox News network.

Cain rapidly fell into Fox’s main talking points. He has opined connected Fox civilization warfare topics similar Critical Race Theory. He was besides infuriated that the terrorists who stormed the White House connected January 6th were being referred to arsenic insurrectionists.

And during a Tuesday broadcast, Cain dipped his toed successful the anti-vaccine propaganda waters. The big was interviewing Matthew Syed, the writer of Rebel Ideas. He said to his guest:

“Matthew, to instrumentality this afloat circle, I person work immoderate of your enactment and this thought that we person to larn from past mistakes, beryllium unfastened to our ain failures, learn, determination guardant and use to circumstantial circumstances, it seems arsenic though we are making each the aforesaid mistakes, for example, erstwhile we attack however to dainty COVID. We support doubling down connected lockdowns oregon masks. We unit ourselves into binary thinking, vaccinated oregon unvaccinated and we don’t truly see each the antithetic ways successful which we tin combat this pandemic. It seems that we, astatine slightest astatine our enactment level are really, to usage this word again, constipated successful our thinking.”

The vaccine has been a veritable occurrence for those successful the state person been taking it. Fox News, strangely, would alternatively support their viewers exposed to a deadly virus.

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