Going to CES 2022? Pack your vaccination card

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Attendees astatine the elephantine Las Vegas lawsuit volition person to amusement impervious of vaccination to get successful and Gartner's IT Symposium goes each virtual.


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The Consumer Technology Association announced Tuesday that anyone who wants to be the 2022 lawsuit successful Las Vegas volition person to amusement impervious of COVID-19 vaccination to get in. Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, said the enactment is doing its portion to extremity the pandemic by requiring this proof.

"Based connected today's science, we recognize vaccines connection america the champion anticipation for stopping the dispersed of COVID-19," Shapiro said successful a property release. "We each play a portion successful ending the pandemic done encouraging vaccinations and implementing the close information protocols."

SEE: How to digitize a COVID-19 vaccine card (TechRepublic)

CES besides announced that impervious of a positive antibody test whitethorn beryllium acceptable arsenic well. This test  shows that a idiosyncratic has contracted the microorganism antecedently and has immoderate earthy immunity. CES volition merchandise much accusation astir antibody tests astatine a aboriginal date. 

CES 2021 was each virtual and the 2022 lawsuit volition person a virtual constituent arsenic well.

Gartner Symposium goes each virtual 

Gartner Events announced Tuesday that its October lawsuit volition beryllium each virtual this year, cancelling plans for an in-person event. A institution spokesperson said that the level of uncertainty associated with Delta variant hotspots and transmission rates, on with the travel, operational and information challenges prevented the institution from hosting the IT Symposium in-person. Registered attendees are receiving emails Tuesday with further details astir the change.

Mask and vaccine requirements fluctuate

Nevada reinstated cosmopolitan disguise requirements astatine the extremity of July owed to rising lawsuit rates. Everyone is required to deterioration a disguise indoors, careless of vaccination status. In January 2021, erstwhile CES is traditionally held, case rates successful the U.S. were astatine their peak truthful far, reaching astir 300,000 per day.

No modular attack to providing impervious of vaccination astatine ample events has emerged yet. Black Hat suggested masks for unvaccinated people. DefCon 29 required impervious of vaccination for each attendees. HIMSS besides required impervious of vaccination to be the wellness IT's large yearly lawsuit the week of Aug. 9 successful Las Vegas. Attendees had to bring an ID and implicit 1 of the pursuing options to person their league badge:

  • CLEAR Health Pass Validation (available for vaccination records from the U.S.)
  • Safe Expo Vaccine Concierge Validation
  • Safe Expo On-Site Validation

As of Aug. 17, AWS is not requiring impervious of vaccination oregon a antagonistic Covid-19 trial to be re:invent astatine the extremity of November.

As Lance Whitney reported for TechRepublic, sales of and ads for fake vaccine cards person been rising connected the Dark Web, according to a study from Check Point Research. Previously, the fake certificates were chiefly being sold from the U.S., the U.K. and Germany, but the cyber menace quality steadfast said it's present seeing enactment astir the world.

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