Goodbye Volcano High Pushed To 2022

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Goodbye Volcano High was 1 of the astir eye-catching console exclusives from the PlayStation 5’s uncover presentation. The coming-of-age communicative centers connected precocious schoolhouse teenagers dealing with the pressures of advancing to the adjacent signifier of their lives. They besides hap to beryllium strange, dinosaur-esque creatures. We inactive don’t cognize a ton astir it, and that mightiness stay the lawsuit for a spot longer due to the fact that the intriguing communicative rubric has been delayed to 2022.

Developer KO-OP tweeted a connection announcing the delay, explaining that pandemic-related challenges and the information that the game’s communicative has been rebooted are the 2 superior factors for the alteration successful merchandise timing. The squad besides states that they privation to debar crunching to get Goodbye Volcano High retired the doorway sooner. You tin work the team’s connection below.

Goodbye Volcano High stars Fang, a pupil and instrumentalist coming to presumption with their last twelvemonth of schoolhouse and each of the changes that prevarication ahead. They’re joined by their champion person and bandmate, Trish, and different colorful characters successful a communicative astir coping with the extremity of an epoch and figuring themselves retired earlier it’s over.  Check retired the uncover trailer if this is your archetypal clip learning astir the game. 

The crippled ne'er had a factual merchandise model beyond “2021”, truthful the setback astir apt won’t sting arsenic overmuch arsenic immoderate of the different delays to hap this year. You besides person to respect that the squad is consenting to overhaul its storytelling to guarantee prime portion besides not overworking its employees to bash so. We can’t hold to yet spot much of Goodbye Volcano High erstwhile it launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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