Gould, Gallen fire-up over contentious Cleary shot

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Rugby league greats Phil Gould and Paul Gallen person gone toe-to-toe implicit a contentious changeable by Nathan Cleary that saw the Panthers superstar narrowly debar suspension.

While the halfback celebrated his archetypal lucifer back since suffering a enarthrosis wounded successful Origin Two with a 34-16 triumph implicit the Dragons connected Friday night, each eyes were connected Cleary's different enarthrosis which helium utilized successful a dubious deed connected Jack Bird.

Bird was returning the shot erstwhile helium met Cleary successful the antiaircraft line. The halfback dropped his enarthrosis into Bird's thorax and didn't look to usage an arm-wrapping enactment successful the hit.

Dragons manager Anthony Griffin questioned however the "clear-cut enarthrosis charge" went unpunished, and it'd lone get worse for the Red V erstwhile Cleary was spared authorisation by the NRL's lucifer reappraisal committee aft the game.

Cleary's deed connected Bird attracted overmuch scrutiny but the halfback was yet cleared. (Twitter)

The full incidental near Gallen up successful arms, baffled arsenic to wherefore the NRL refused to slap the halfback with a suspension erstwhile akin incidents successful caller weeks incurred clip connected the sidelines.

Gould, connected the different hand, wasn't having a bar.

GOULD: How was determination immoderate force? There was nary force.

GALLEN: How wasn't determination force?

GOULD: He was protecting himself. The different bloke picked up the shot and ran astatine him and said, 'There's Cleary, I'll benignant him out'.

GALLEN: That's his job.

GOULD: All Nathan Cleary did was brace himself.

GALLEN: I don't privation to spot Cleary suspended, I emotion him arsenic a player. But if you're asking maine to beryllium present and bash my job, that was a enarthrosis charge. If that's Jack Hetherington, however galore weeks is Jack Hetherington getting? How are you feeling astatine Canterbury present that Jack Hetherington is not playing, but due to the fact that Nathan Cleary is simply a halfback and winning the contention helium gets distant with it.

Gus and Gal didn't propulsion immoderate punches erstwhile going head-to-head implicit a contentious changeable by Nathan Cleary. (Nine)

GOULD: They've corrected it. This mightiness beryllium the precedent we request for a spot of communal sense.

GALLEN: The information is, if different radical are getting suspended for it, helium should beryllium suspended for it. He's smashed him and dropped the ball.

GOULD: You cognize arsenic good arsenic I do, he's not hitting anyone, he's bracing himself. And the bloke who ran astatine him got what helium deserved. The shot spewed retired and they went and scored a try…Mate, you're digging a hole"

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