Gov. Doug Ducey Signs Illegal Order Denying Federal Money To Schools With Mask Mandate

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey issued an amerciable enforcement bid that strips national wealth from schoolhouse districts with disguise mandates.

Doug Ducey Denies School Districts Federal Money If They Have A Mask Mandate

CNN reported:

To beryllium eligible for the assistance backing — $163 cardinal successful full — Arizona schoolhouse districts indispensable beryllium unfastened for in-person learning arsenic of August 27 and indispensable beryllium “following each authorities laws,” including the prohibition connected schoolhouse disguise mandates that Ducey signed into instrumentality successful June.

“Parents are successful the driver’s seat, and it’s their close to marque decisions that champion acceptable the needs of their children. Safety recommendations are welcomed and encouraged — mandates that spot much accent connected students and families aren’t,” the politician said successful a connection Tuesday. “These grants admit efforts by schools and educators that are pursuing authorities laws and keeping their schoolroom doors unfastened for Arizona’s students.”

Doug Ducey Can’t Deny School Districts Federally Appropriated Funds.

Ducey’s bid is transparently illegal. There volition beryllium nary agelong and drawn-out combat implicit it. Republican governors are having a occupation with the basal conception successful our governmental strategy that national instrumentality supersedes authorities instrumentality oregon a governor’s enforcement order.

Unless the national instrumentality specifically gives them the powerfulness to bash so, usually successful the signifier of a artifact grant, which CARES Act backing is not, governors bash not person the powerfulness to nonstop national funding. They astir decidedly bash not person the powerfulness to enforce presumption and conditions of accessing the funds unilaterally.

Ducey’s bid is the latest motion of Republicans showing their contempt for democracy. Governors aren’t kings, and masks aren’t a civilization war, but immoderate Republican governors are attempting to sicken and termination kids for governmental gain.

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