He’s Doing Everything to Make Sure He’s Ok: Julian Castro Blasts Greg Abbott For Using COVID Medicine Not Available To All Texans

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Greg Abbott has instituted plentifulness of policies that marque it harder for Texans to enactment harmless from COVID. As a result, the authorities is presently seeing yet different surge of the deadly disease.

Abbott, though, has made it precise casual for himself to enactment harmless from COVID. The Texas politician has not lone been vaccinated against the disease, he’s adjacent received a 3rd booster shot. And successful announcing that helium had COVID, Abbott announced that helium volition beryllium treated the the costly cause Regeneron.

During a Tuesday quality connected Joy Reid’s show, erstwhile San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro ripped into Abbott. He told the host:

“It’s perfectly maddening, Joy. It’s the tallness of hypocrisy. You enactment retired the stats there. Texas close present has 1 of the worst COVID-19 situations. Only 314 ICU beds are near successful a authorities of 29 cardinal people. More pediatric cases of COVID, I think, close present than immoderate different state, oregon close astir the aforesaid magnitude arsenic Florida.”


Castro continued, “You saw the video of the lawsuit wrong the past 48 hours successful Collin County. And past erstwhile helium gets COVID, does everything that helium perchance tin to marque definite he’s okay, gets entree to Regeneron and possibly a 3rd booster shot, things that mean Texans, mundane Texans would not person entree to. It is the tallness of hypocrisy.”

Politicians similar Abbott and DeSantis some took the vaccine. They’re some much than blessed to instrumentality vantage of COVID solutions, but won’t property their followers to get them.

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