Hellraiser Is Coming To Dead By Daylight, New Killer Available Now In PTB

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Following the caller quality that the Stranger Things license is expiring this twelvemonth for Dead by Daylight, the squad implicit astatine Behaviour has announced different fearfulness icon joining the extended lineup of crossovers. Enter: Hellraiser. We've already got our archetypal look astatine what the latest DLC volition person to connection present that a caller slayer has deed the game's Public Test Build.

The archetypal teaser for the upcoming section debuted a fewer days agone (seen successful the video astatine the apical of the article), but the latest societal media tease goes a small much successful detail. The Public Test Build, oregon PTB for short, is disposable and brings much than conscionable the accustomed bug fixes. Included successful update 5.2.0 is simply a caller killer, the Cenobite. Cenobites are extra-dimensional beings known from the Hellraiser series, brainwashed into torturing humans for each time. This makes it the cleanable summation to Dead by Daylight. 

Also included successful the update is Large Text Settings, which is simply a diagnostic that galore players person been asking for concerning much accessibility settings. For what other is new, cheque retired the latest PTB spot notes below, courtesy of Behaviour: 

Update 5.2.0: 


  • Added a caller Killer - The Cenobite
  • Match Results - When players permission a Trial with a Limited Item (Example: The Nemesis's Vaccine) they volition present beryllium notified that they bash not get to support it. It has been consumed by The Entity.
  • Large Text Settings - The players tin alteration this enactment to enlarge each texts successful the HUD, expanding readability.


The Nemesis Update:

  • Movement velocity portion charging Tentacle Strike Tier 3 accrued to 4.0m/s (was 3.8m/s)
  • Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge effect duration accrued to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds)
  • Iridescent Umbrella Badge effect duration accrued to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds, but was erroneously displayed arsenic 12 seconds)
  • Ritual of The Nemesis reduced to reaching maximum Mutation Rate 1 clip (was 4)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to code show issues connected the Family Residence, Sanctum of Wrath and Midwich Elementary School.
  • Blood Lodge, Dead Dawg Saloon and The Game maps are re-enabled
  • Updated a assortment of survivors' hairsbreadth and facial hairsbreadth cosmetics.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an contented that caused The Executioner's rear to beryllium excessively level erstwhile having "The Corrupted" outfit equipped.
  • Fixed an contented that caused a circumstantial hook blocking navigation erstwhile a Survivor is hooked connected it successful Hospital map
  • Fixed an contented that caused the slayer to assemblage artifact the basement erstwhile lasting astatine the doorway framework successful the main gathering of the Blood Lodge
  • Fixed an contented that caused Meg "Jewel of the party" precise uncommon outfit aggregate clipping with her body
  • Fixed an contented that caused Meg "Jewel of the party" precise uncommon outfit skirt misshapen erstwhile performing assorted action
  • Fixed an contented that caused pistillate survivors to beryllium missing an animation erstwhile stepping connected a carnivore trap with the Calm Spirit perk equipped.
  • Fixed an contented that caused survivors to execute the falling animation erstwhile walking down immoderate stairs successful the Raccoon City Police Station map.
  • Fixed an contented that caused survivors to interval and autumn to the crushed erstwhile cleansing immoderate totems.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the durability barroom of toolboxes to look reddish erstwhile sabotaging a hook.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the walking animation of the Nemesis to beryllium missing erstwhile successful spectator mode successful a customized game.
  • Fixed an contented that caused Victor to beryllium capable to pounce connected survivors portion Dead Hard is being used.
  • Fixed an contented that whitethorn origin survivors to stay stuck successful a model erstwhile downed by the Trickster's knives portion vaulting.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the Doctor's Shock Therapy and Static Blasts not to negate the Oblivious effect.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the dependable notification for the Tinkerer perk to beryllium excessively low.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the Coup de Grace perk icon to stay lit until all generators are done alternatively of until each tokens are used.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the hook number and the generator count to overlap each different erstwhile spectating a customized game.
  • Fixed an contented that caused the intermission paper to unfastened and adjacent perpetually erstwhile holding the Escape cardinal during a match.
  • Fixed an contented that caused subordinate names with a # awesome to get truncated successful the HUD.
  • Fixed an contented that caused prevention record problem.
  • Fixed an contented that caused subsister to person an incorrect benevolent emblem.

Known Issues: 

The squad besides shared known issues that they are prepping to hole with the adjacent update, including the inability to remove Survivors from chains, new Rank Crest images, animation glitches, and more. To spot what other is caller successful the PTB, cheque retired the afloat spot notes close here

We don't person a merchandise day for erstwhile the afloat DLC becomes disposable extracurricular of the investigating area, but much volition beryllium revealed soon. For now, PC players tin get successful connected the enactment a small aboriginal and study immoderate areas they consciousness could beryllium improved earlier Hellraiser officially arrives successful Dead by Daylight

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