High School: Mays, Carver suffer big losses in opening games at 2021 Corky Kell Classic

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Photo: Anfernee Patterson/The Atlanta Voice

Both APS teams successful the Mays Raiders and the Carver Panthers took large losses successful their opening games astatine the 2021 Corky Kell Classic.

The Mays Raiders fell to the Cherokee Warriors 52-8 acknowledgment to a large crippled by Warriors backmost and Maryland perpetrate A.J. Swann. Swann finished the crippled 14-18, 247 yards, 4 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Early self-inflicted turnovers by the Raiders made things hard for them. After going down 3-0 successful the archetypal 4th and gaining overmuch momentum connected a antiaircraft stop, the Raiders were marching downfield for their archetypal people of the game. A atrocious drawback by the Raiders halfway gave Swann and the Warriors large tract presumption astatine the Raiders 31 aboriginal successful the 2nd quarter.

Swann and the Warriors capitalized connected the large tract presumption arsenic helium completed a 40 gait touchdown walk to spell up 10-0 aboriginal successful the 2nd quarter.

The Raiders were determined connected the adjacent thrust arsenic they were driving downfield erstwhile again. This time, different atrocious drawback ended successful a Warriors scoop and people by Toby Thompson. The Warriors accrued their pb to 17 points.

Raiders fans and players were distraught. Heads were down, vexation was large and prevalent connected the sidelines, particularly with their halfway whose atrocious snaps outgo them 3 aboriginal turnovers.

Instead of rolling implicit successful choler and frustration, they marched downfield and enactment points connected the board. Raiders backmost Quintavious Johnson connected with receiver Saulamon Evans for a 17 gait touchdown walk arsenic the Raiders trailed 17-6 with 6:53 near successful the 2nd quarter.

Swann and the Warriors did not fto up though. On their possession, Swann threw a 36 gait touchdown walk to receiver Aidan Moore to spell up 24-6.

Swann recovered Moore again connected the adjacent thrust for a 24 gait touchdown walk expanding their pb to 25.

The Warriors added different people earlier halftime arsenic Swann recovered receiver A. Harshaw for a wide unfastened 15 gait touchdown. The Warriors went into halftime with a immense 38-6 lead.

The Warriors added 2 much scores successful the 2nd fractional to triumph successful a large 52-6 win.

Photo: Anfernee Patterson/The Atlanta Voice

Wolverines 2nd fractional show powers them past Carver 38-8

The 2nd fractional proved to beryllium the quality successful the crippled for the West Forsyth Wolverines arsenic they tacked connected 31 points to decision Carver 38-8 successful the Corky Kell Classic.

Wolverines backmost Keegan Stover finished the crippled 12-21, 177 yards and 4 touchdowns to starring the Wolverines to a ascendant victory.

Both teams were successful a stalemate successful the archetypal 4th until the archetypal play of the 2nd quarter. That is erstwhile the Wolverines got connected the committee archetypal with a 32 gait touchdown walk from Stover to receiver Jaycen Harris to spell up 7-0.

The Panthers discourtesy struggled to get into the reddish portion and get points connected the board. While Jarveous Brown and Quintavious Lockett were capable to tally the shot efficiently astatine times successful the game, the Wolverines defence zoned successful connected stopping the tally and the Panthers couldn’t get thing going successful the passing game.

The Panthers inactive kept themselves successful the crippled lone trailing 7-0 heading into halftime.

The Wolverines wasted nary clip going to enactment successful the 2nd fractional arsenic they received the kickoff. This time, Stover connected with choky end/receiver Oscar Delp for a 28 gait passing touchdown to spell up 14-0 with 9:35 to spell successful the 3rd quarter.

After Panthers’ backmost Deshawn Calhoun walk was intercepted by Wolverines antiaircraft backmost Hudson Brown, the Wolverines capitalized with a 37 gait tract extremity to spell up 17-0 successful the 3rd quarter.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Panthers fumbled, giving the Wolverines tract presumption connected the Panthers 15. Stover capitalized for the Wolverines erstwhile again completing a 15 gait touchdown walk to Ryder Stewart to spell up 24-0.

All successful all, the Wolverines scored 17 points successful the 3rd 4th to unfastened the game.

Stover added different people successful the 4th fourth with a 46 gait touchdown walk to Peyton Streko to summation the pb to 31.

Wolverines moving backmost Willie Orris added different people with a extremity enactment rushing touchdown making the people 38-0.

The Panthers added a precocious people with 1:00 near successful regularisation making the last people 38-8.

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