House Republican Calls For Biden, Harris, and Pelosi To Resign For Trump’s Afghanistan Failure

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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) called for President Biden and Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi to resign for Trump’s Afghanistan failure.`

Van Drew said connected Fox News, “My God, it is 1 of the darkest, astir embarrassing days we’ve had successful our country, and it’s a tremendous embarrassment for the Biden administration. But with this administration, it is nonaccomplishment aft nonaccomplishment aft failure. Honest to God, I cannot judge I’m saying this, it virtually is clip for this president to resign. it is clip for this vice president to resign. It is clip for the Senate president and Speaker to resign. We request caller people, adjacent caller Democrats, hopefully, that are moderates. We can’t support doing this.”

What A Coincidence, A House Republican Wants Every Top Democrat In Power To Resign

Biden, Harris, and Pelosi aren’t resigning. They person nary crushed to resign.  The White House has been implementing the statement that was negotiated by Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump. The Trump medication released 5,000 Taliban criminals.

The Afghan authorities collapsed faster than the Biden medication anticipated, but determination is nary crushed for apical Democrats to permission bureau beside the information that Republicans can’t triumph elections and they privation power.

We person already reached the constituent wherever Republicans commencement making silly demands that Biden resign.

Republicans can’t triumph powerfulness successful the United States, truthful they are asking Democrats to permission and springiness it to them.

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