How to become a software engineer: A cheat sheet

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If you are looking to prosecute a vocation successful bundle engineering and aren't definite wherever to begin, here's your usher to salaries, occupation markets, skills and communal interrogation questions successful the field.


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With the system suffering superior harm owed to the volatility of 2020, workers are looking to find the champion jobs with the astir stability. The occupation marketplace is recovering, and employers are either hiring oregon readying to, acknowledgment to wide vaccinations.

One of the amended options is bundle engineering. Software technologist applications accounted for 19% of each occupation applications from Gen Z applicants successful the U.S., making it the astir in-demand occupation among that generation, according to a caller Glassdoor report.

To assistance those funny successful the manufacture fig retired however to motorboat a vocation successful bundle engineering, we compiled the astir important details and resources. We'll amusement you however to beryllium a machine bundle engineer. For a escaped PDF mentation of this bundle engineering vocation guide, download this ebook. This nonfiction volition beryllium updated connected a regular basis. 

(Note: This nonfiction astir how to go a bundle technologist is disposable arsenic a escaped PDF download.)

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Why is determination an accrued request for bundle engineers?

Software technologist is No. 9 connected Glassdoor's list, the 50 Best Jobs successful America successful 2021, on with mobile technologist astatine No. 8, front-end technologist astatine No. 11 and back-end technologist astatine No. 16. As of January 2021, determination were much than 40,000 occupation openings for bundle engineers, the study said. Java bundle developer was listed No. 1.

Backend, afloat stack and frontend engineers are successful highest demand, landing much than fractional of each interrogation requests for bundle engineering roles, said Hired's 2021 State of Software Engineers report.

The request for bundle engineers correlates with the ebbs and flows of caller technology. For example, the detonation of blockchain successful the past twelvemonth has resulted successful a request for bundle engineers with blockchain skills, the study found.

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Most companies are trying to enactment competitive, resulting successful a greater concern successful technology, crossed each sectors, according to Glassdoor's Economic Research Blog. As much companies are trying to alteration into tech companies, bundle engineers are needed successful those industries (retail, finance, manufacturing, etc.) to plan, negociate and motorboat the software.

Demand for engineering endowment inactive acold exceeds supply, and 64% of engineers accidental there's a machine bundle technologist shortage successful their companies with concerning consequences connected innovation and growth, according to a 2021 study by Terminal

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What does a bundle technologist do?

Software engineers are liable for building, developing, launching and maintaining bundle products and systems, according to Indeed's vocation guide. Software systems see operating systems, concern applications, connected hardware, networking systems and mobile and web applications.

Software engineers and bundle developers are interconnected, but mutually exclusive. Software developers assistance support existing bundle performance, urge improvements and make updates oregon caller bundle programs successful code. The cardinal quality is successful the connection "engineer," due to the fact that engineers are progressive successful the improvement of software, but software developers don't needfully person the engineering inheritance to beryllium progressive successful that portion of the process.

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What are immoderate bundle technologist occupation roles?

Computer bundle engineers tin take from a fig of antithetic vocation paths. Here are the 9 astir in-demand bundle engineering jobs and their maturation rates twelvemonth implicit year, according to the Hired report. Mobile and embedded engineers were immoderate of the fewer roles that saw flimsy request maturation compared with 2019, the study said. This is apt a effect of radical spending much clip connected their mobile devices amid lockdowns successful 2020, with mobile web postulation being 11.4% higher successful April 2020 compared with 2019.

Highest-demand jobs successful 2021 by interrogation request, according to Hired:

  • Backend engineer: 58%
  • Full stack: 57% (down 1%)
  • Front end: 30% (down 2%)
  • Data: 9% (down 1%)
  • Mobile: 8% (same arsenic 2020)
  • Machine learning: (4% down 2%)
  • Search: 2% (down 1%)
  • Security: 2% (same arsenic 2020)
  • Natural connection processing: 1% (down 1%)
  • Computer vision, gaming, embedded, AR/VR, blockchain technologist and manager each were astatine 1% with nary change.

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What programming languages oregon different skills are champion to larn to go a bundle engineer?

Software engineers typically person astatine slightest a bachelor's grade successful bundle engineering oregon accusation technology. Those successful the tract are often well-versed successful bundle improvement and person extended acquisition moving with assorted programming languages specified arsenic Python, Java, and C++, on with large method skills.

The fastest-growing skills successful 2019 for bundle engineers see acquisition with Flutter, Android design, NUXT.JS, continuous integration and bundle development, and angular material, according to a LinkedIn report.

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For bundle engineers successful absorption positions, oregon those trying to scope absorption level, soft skills are becoming progressively important. To substance high-performing teams, bundle engineering managers' accomplishment sets indispensable see radical management, leadership, squad management, squad gathering and strategical planning, the LinkedIn report found.

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What is the mean wage for a bundle engineer?

Software engineers are 1 of the highest-paying tech jobs of 2021. As of April 2019, bundle engineers successful the U.S. gain an mean basal wage of $103,984 per year, according to Indeed. Software engineers conscionable starting retired successful the U.S. person a median basal wage of $110,245 with much than 40,000 occupation openings, according to information from Glassdoor. ZipRecruiter says the national mean wage for bundle engineers is $99,729

The highest-paying companies for bundle engineers, according to Indeed, were:

  • Citi: $184,513
  • Apple: $170,536
  • Facebook: $159,151
  • Octo Consulting Group: $153,511
  • Capital One: $151,009

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What are the hottest markets for bundle technologist jobs?

The 10 highest paying cities successful the U.S. for bundle engineers successful 2021 and their mean salaries, according to ZipRecruiter, are arsenic follows (as of this writing):

  1. San Jose, California ($123,178)
  2. Oakland, California ($121,760)
  3. Tanaina, Alaska ($121,208)
  4. Wasila, Alaska ($121, 206)
  5. Hayward, California ($119,210)
  6. Seattle ($118,406)
  7. Concord, California ($118,110)
  8. Sunnyvale, California ($117,435)
  9. Santa Cruz, California ($116,076)
  10. Redmond, Washington ($115,862)

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What are emblematic bundle technologist interrogation questions?

Some questions that a bundle technologist tin expect during a occupation interview, according to Indeed, include:

  • What programming languages person you utilized successful the past? What are your apical 2 coding languages?
  • How overmuch are you coding connected a regular basis? If you bash not codification connected a regular basis, what is emblematic successful your role?
  • How comfy are you successful a startup environment, oregon bash you similar moving successful a much established company?
  • What distinguishes a large bundle technologist from a bully one? Do you consciousness you person those qualities?
  • What's the astir important happening to look for oregon cheque erstwhile reviewing different squad member's code?
  • In your opinion, what are the principles of bully bundle engineering? What are immoderate basal principles everyone should follow?
  • If needed, however would you spell astir designing scalable applications? Walk america done your process.

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Where tin I find resources for a vocation successful bundle engineering?

There are galore antithetic paths to becoming a bundle engineer, and astir instrumentality the 1 little traveled, according to Hired's antecedently mentioned 2019 State of Software Engineering report (the 2021 study did not update these statistics). While 46% of respondents commencement their bundle engineering careers by earning a bachelor's grade successful machine science, 1 successful 5 said they are alternatively self-taught. While immoderate radical take to get a master's degree, it's not necessary. Some 13% of respondents said they took a much hybrid approach, moving connected a grade successful machine subject and taking vantage of bundle developer bootcamps done companies similar General Assembly and Hack Reactor, the study found.

In presumption of learning apical programming languages, sites similar GitHub connection plentifulness of guides and resources to get started.

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Coding bootcamps person proven to beryllium highly beneficial for bundle engineers: 76% of bootcamp graduates said the courses helped hole them for their bundle engineering job. Coding bootcamps are a large assets for bundle engineers looking to reskill, upskill oregon interruption into the field, the Hired study added. Bootcamps are besides a large mode to get astir moving connected a machine subject degree.

For prospective bundle engineers who privation much in-depth cognition connected the topic, EdX offers plentifulness of courses and grade plans for bundle engineers. The champion portion is each courses are online, which could beryllium adjuvant for moving professionals and parents. EdX has introductory courses connected however to go a bundle engineer, arsenic good arsenic advanced certificate programs.

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