How to find a nearby electric scooter using Google Maps

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(Pocket-lint) - Google Maps offers a diagnostic that allows you to spot the nearest disposable electric scooter (or e-scooter, immoderate you similar to telephone them).

Google adjacent precocious announced an integration with Ford-owned Spin, making it casual for you to find Spin e-scooters. But Spin isn't the lone e-bike spouse to integrate with Google. Over the years, Google Maps has besides added the quality to find electrical scooters from Lime.

How to usage Google Maps to find a adjacent electrical scooter

Anyone who uses Google Maps tin spot the nearest disposable e-bike oregon e-scooter successful existent time, including however agelong it volition instrumentality to locomotion to the electrical scooter, arsenic good arsenic artillery scope and expected accomplishment time. For instance, erstwhile looking for directions, Google Maps tin find Spin e-scooters successful 84 towns, cities, and campuses crossed the US, Canada, Germany, and Spain.

Here's what you request to do:

  1. Open the latest mentation of the Google Maps mobile app.
  2. Enter your destination.
  3. Tap the transit icon to spot the nearest disposable e-scooter option.
  4. Select the enactment you want.
    • You volition beryllium directed to the e-scooter's shaper app.

Spin’s scooters volition look connected Google Maps erstwhile you prime the bicycle enactment aft looking up directions to a circumstantial location. They volition besides look nether the nationalist proscription tab. If you prime a Spin bike, you'll beryllium redirected to the Spin app (or, your app store to download the app) to wage for and unlock the vehicle. You tin rent a Spin electrical scooter for $1 (plus 15 cents per minute).

To spot if Spin operates successful your city, town, oregon campus, check retired this guide.

But also, remember: For those who privation much e-scooter options, Google Maps besides shows Lime scooters successful implicit 100 cities. Go here to spot if Lime is presently disposable successful your area. Similar to Spin, the Lime icon volition amusement up nether Google Map’s motorcycle conception erstwhile readying a travel - but lone successful the mobile app, not connected the desktop app. You'll besides request the Lime app to wage for and unlock a vehicle.

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