How to install Webmin on Rocky Linux

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With Webmin, you tin amended unafraid and negociate your instances of Rocky Linux. Jack Wallen walks you done the process of getting this web-based instrumentality up and running.

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Webmin is simply a large instrumentality for admins caller to Linux. With this web-based admin system, you tin instrumentality attraction of conscionable astir thing you need, including information concerns specified arsenic SSH configuration, strategy upgrades, work absorption and more. With distributions specified arsenic Rocky Linux (a 1:1 RHEL binary compatible operating system), Webmin isn't included successful the modular repositories, truthful you'll request to leap done a mates of hoops to get it up and running. 

Note: Rocky Linux does see the web-based absorption instrumentality Cockpit; however, Cockpit isn't astir arsenic extendable arsenic Webmin, nor does it connection the information options successful Webmin. You tin ever usage some for adjacent much functionality.

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What you'll request

To get Webmin installed, you'll request a moving lawsuit of Rocky Linux and a idiosyncratic with sudo privileges. 

How to instal the indispensable dependencies

First, we'll request to instrumentality attraction of the dependencies. Log into your Rocky Linux lawsuit and contented the command:

sudo dnf instal wget tar perl -y

Once the dependencies are installed, you're acceptable to instal Webmin.

How to instal Webmin

To marque this work, you'll request to download the existent mentation of Webmin with the command:


Once the record has completed downloading, unpack it with the command:

tar xvf webmin-current.tar.gz

Create a caller directory for Webmin with:

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/webmin

You request to find retired what mentation of Webmin has been downloaded–do that with the ls command. You should spot a caller directory named webmin-XXX (where XXX is the merchandise number). With that fig successful hand, you tin present tally the instal publication with the command:

sudo ./webmin-XXX/ /usr/local/webmin/

Where XXX is the merchandise number.

The installer publication volition inquire the pursuing questions:

  • Config record directory [/etc/webmin]:

  • Log record directory [/var/webmin]:

  • Full way to perl (default /usr/bin/perl):

  • Web server larboard (default 10000):

  • Login sanction (default admin): NAME

  • Login password: PASSWORD

  • Password again: PASSWORD

  • Use SSL (y/n): y

  • Start Webmin astatine footwear clip (y/n): y

Where NAME is the username you privation to usage arsenic the Webmin admin and PASSWORD is the password you'll usage for that login. 

Outside of the Login name/password, judge the defaults for each of the questions.

Finally, unfastened the firewall with the commands:

sudo firewall-cmd --add-port=10000/tcp --permanent sudo firewall-cmd --reload

How to entree Webmin

Open a web browser and constituent it to https://SERVER:10000 (where SERVER is the IP code oregon domain of the Rocky Linux server). Since Webmin uses a self-signed SSL certificate, you'll person to judge the risk. Once you bash that, you'll beryllium presented with the login window. Use the credentials you created during installation. Upon palmy authentication, you'll find yourself connected the main Webmin leafage (Figure A), wherever you tin commencement administering your Rocky Linux server.

Figure A


Webmin has been successfully installed and is acceptable to assistance marque your Rocky Linux admin occupation adjacent easier.

And that's each determination is to getting this powerful, web-based admin strategy up and moving connected Rocky Linux. You tin present instrumentality power of the information of that operating strategy and fastener it down precisely arsenic you need.

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