Intel is getting into the dedicated GPU space with Intel Arc, launching early 2022

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(Pocket-lint) - Intel has announced that the institution volition beryllium entering the discrete graphics space, making dedicated GPUs for some desktops and laptops starting successful 2022. 

Being branded arsenic Intel Arc, the institution plans connected straight competing with the likes of Nvidia and AMD successful the ever-expanding PC gaming realm. I accidental gaming and not video editing, 3D rendering nor crypto-mining due to the fact that based disconnected the archetypal announcement, Intel is making it wide that this caller GPU marque is being positioned to spell head-to-head arsenic a viable video crippled enactment nether the venerable Intel marque name.

The archetypal acceptable of Arc based GPUs are acceptable to get successful Q1 2022 and are dubbed nether the codename Alchemist. While it's presently unclear if Intel is initially aiming to presumption these GPUs against the astir high-end marketplace competitors oregon alternatively vie for abstraction successful the mediate and little tiers - either way, the institution looks to deed the marketplace with bringing on immoderate decently luxury features. 

First up is enactment for real-time ray tracing, which has been each the rage the past twelvemonth oregon 2 arsenic the adjacent large happening successful making video crippled graphics look a batch much similar existent life. However, the astir absorbing uncover is an Intel bundle diagnostic (also branded nether the sanction Arc), which volition beryllium an AI-powered supersampling method - akin to the Deep Learning Super Sampling diagnostic (DLSS) archetypal announced by Nvidia and the FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) that AMD announced arsenic a rival soon after. To beryllium brief, these types of AI-powered supersampling methods let little solution video games to beryllium upscaled to a higher solution and spot an summation successful framework complaint without losing performance. 

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We’re going to person to hold a small portion longer to spot however Intel’s reply to Nvidia's DLSS and AMD's FSR is, but successful the meanwhile, cheque retired the abbreviated clip released to their Twitter that shows disconnected immoderate games moving connected the GPU. While determination aren't immoderate monolithic AAA games shown, Intel does springiness america a sensation of games similar Days Gone, Metro Exodus, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and of people the endlessly-meme’d Crysis Remastered Trilogy. 

Check retired Intel's promotional video for its caller Arc GPU below. 

A sneak peek of gameplay captured connected #IntelArc Pre-production Silicon!

— Intel Gaming (@IntelGaming) August 16, 2021

To work much astir what Nvida's DLSS is, click present to cheque retired our recap. If you're funny successful learning astir AMD's reply to it, FSR, click present instead.

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 16 August 2021.

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