Joey predicts finals twist for 'broken' Tigers

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Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns believes Wests Tigers volition snare a top-eight berth this play – but helium says under-fire manager Michael Maguire volition inactive beryllium weighed down by a upland of unit adjacent if they do.

The Tigers are acceptable for a captious lucifer against the 10th-placed Sharks successful Rockhampton tomorrow. They volition past look the second-placed Panthers and last-placed Bulldogs implicit the last 2 rounds of the regular season.

And portion Johns thinks the Tigers volition snag a top-eight presumption contempt sitting 13th connected the ladder, helium says that won't needfully prevention Maguire's job.

"No, I don't deliberation so. Look, they haven't made the semis for 10 years, truthful that tells you something's not close successful the organisation," Johns said connected Wide World of Sports' Immortal Behaviour.

"I cognize he's trying to crook things around, Michael Maguire. I deliberation [making the finals] volition instrumentality immoderate unit off.

"Once again, something's breached there, whether it's the roster oregon whatever. They look to decorativeness ninth oregon 10th each year. Something needs to beryllium done there."

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire. (Getty)

Late successful the Tigers' underwhelming 2021 run the joint-venture nine has mislaid erstwhile skipper Moses Mbye, who's been released from the last twelvemonth of his $850,000 declaration to articulation the Dragons.

Mybe told the Sydney Morning Herald that helium had begun to consciousness similar "a burden" connected the club, fixed his fading signifier and the information helium had already been connected the roster earlier Maguire's arrival.

Mbye signed with the Tigers up of the 2018 play and Maguire took power up of the club's 2019 campaign.

"I deliberation it's large honesty [that Mbye said helium was a burden]," Johns said.

"He's not blaming anyone else; he's not blaming the coach, he's not blaming whatever. He's conscionable upfront and honest, which is truly refreshing."

Departing Wests Tigers inferior Moses Mbye. (Getty)

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