Julian Bond Hands out Meals to Fulton County with Hello Fresh

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Hello Fresh and Julian Bond handed retired meals past week. (Photo Credit: Bria Suggs)

Last week, leaders successful Fulton County, of organizations and the assemblage came unneurotic astatine the Fulton County Oak Hill Child, Adolescent and Family Center to motorboat Hello Fresh’s concern with Atlanta City Councilmember Michael Julian Bond. 

Bond spoke connected the value of the enlargement of Hello Fresh’s Meals with Meaning program, which donates surplus nutrient to communities successful need. With his caller partnership, helium hopes to springiness radical who don’t person capable to devour entree to steadfast food.

Chairman of Fulton County Board of Commissioners Robb Pitts was besides successful attendance and discussed however nutrient deserts and nutrient insecurity are issues that person lone grown successful the aftermath of the ongoing planetary pandemic. 

“People and families [are] astatine hazard of going without nutrient and becoming undernourished oregon adjacent worse, starving, successful Atlanta, Georgia (and) successful Fulton County,” Pitts said. “We astatine Fulton County, we’re stepping backmost up to the sheet to instrumentality these meals into the assemblage and fto radical cognize that we bash care. We attraction astir them and we won’t fto them fend for themselves.”

Second Helpings Atlanta and Pratt Industries contributed successful completing the task to tackle nutrient insecurity successful Fulton County. The repast kits provided by Hello Fresh volition beryllium disposable successful antithetic locations astir the region each week.

Senior Vice President of Operations, Ana Garica, explained however Hello Fresh created the Meals with Meaning programme successful effect to the onset of COVID-19 successful hopes of families successful request having 1 little happening to interest about. The programme is operating successful respective large cities crossed the state and has donated implicit a cardinal meals.

“We’re truly each astir bringing innovation to the nutrient industry,” Garica said. “With our customers, we bash that by bringing fresh, prepared ingredients to their location and removing the hassle of having to spell market buying oregon repast planning. We besides truly attraction astir making a quality successful nutrient insecurity successful the communities that we run in.”

Hello Fresh tin vessel retired their surplus nutrient with the assistance of Second Helpings Atlanta. The enactment rescues the other food, packages the kits and distributes them astir Fulton County.

The donated repast kits provided by Hello Fresh and enactment unneurotic by Second Helpings Atlanta are packaged with Pratt Industry’s recycled boxes. 

Pratt Industries is America’s fifth-largest corrugated packaging company,” Richard Dowdy, Pratt Industries’ Vice President of authorities relations said. “We’re 100% recycled. So, what that means is that we cod the metropolis of Atlanta’s curbside discarded worldly each azygous time and we instrumentality that to our worldly betterment installation successful Conyers wherever we crook it into 100% recycled paper, and past into 100% boxes for the likes of Hello Fresh, Amazon, Procter and Gamble, Home Depot, and truthful on.”

Jaron has witnessed an summation successful request successful Atlanta since the dispersed of COVID-19.

“Without partnerships similar this one, we cannot bash the hard enactment to combat nutrient insecurity successful Atlanta,” Andrea Jaron, Executive Director of Second Helpings Atlanta, said. “We’re Second Helpings Atlanta, the city’s lone nonprofit nutrient rescue organization, dedicated to reducing hunger and nutrient discarded successful the metro Atlanta country by reducing surplus nutrient and distributing it to those successful need. We cognize that determination are capable resources for each of us, each of america to devour well.”

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