Kirsten Dunn announces her intentions to run for Mayor of Atlanta

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By Itoro Umontuen | on August 31, 2021

Staff Report | The Atlanta Voice

Graphic by Kirsten Dunn for Mayor

Kirsten Dunn, an Atlanta concern owner, has announced she’ll participate the Atlanta Mayoral race. Dunn says she volition code the galore outstanding issues affecting the community.

As a tiny concern owner, azygous parent of four, and acrophobic assemblage member, Dunn pledges to service the astir populous metropolis successful Georgia. According to a property release, Dunn plans to measurement up to enactment and collaborate with section instrumentality enforcement, vicinity associations, and assemblage advocates to deploy accepted and non-traditional prevention and involution methods nether the Cease Fire Initiative.

“I americium moving for politician due to the fact that I genuinely judge we tin unify collectively and proceed the humanities bequest of our city. I garbage to fto my home, the metropolis that I emotion truthful dearly to stay successful a authorities of wounded and uncertainty.  My run is built connected a assemblage work model.  We volition person boots connected the crushed campaigning successful the assemblage and volition walk clip learning from the radical connected however we tin amended service them.”  Ms. Dunn affirms.

Her different apical priorities include:

  • Curating an ecosystem of inclusion and transparency to code and trim the emergence successful crime.
  • Educating and empowering disenfranchised communities.
  • Strengthening the city’s heartbeat to enactment and turn tiny businesses.

From being orphaned and forced into foster attraction astatine the property of 14, becoming a subsister of intersexual abuse, escaping recidivism, and raising 4 children connected her own, Ms. Dunn has witnessed the effects of mediocre policy.

“As idiosyncratic who has been incarnated, I person a 360 presumption of the deficiencies that lies wrong the situation system,” states Dunn. “It’s clip for change.  There’s nary clip to combat each other; let’s combat the issues instead.”

As a non-politician, Ms. Dunn brings a caller authentic flair to the mayoral race. A caller ft guardant to caller metropolis leadership.  Her stance connected ONE ATLANTA is simply a call-to-action inaugural bringing each assemblage members unneurotic for a affirmative and thriving economy.  A ONE ATLANTA with much expanded thought leadership, diverseness and inclusion, and resources for the “unhoused” are immoderate of the captious areas the 39-year-old campaigner seeks to bring to metropolis authorities if elected Mayor.

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