Krystal celebrates ATL culture with new collaboration with Butter.ATL

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By Itoro Umontuen | on August 30, 2021

Staff Report | The Atlanta Voice

Photo By: Itoro N. Umontuen/The Atlanta Voice

Krystal Restaurants LLC, the South’s archetypal destination for amusive flavors and authentic bully times, is celebrating its Atlanta ties with an immersive edifice takeover successful concern with Butter.ATL. Starting this week, Krystal is spotlighting the spirit, history, and traditions of Atlanta astatine its Northside Drive edifice (626 14th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318).

“We are truthful arrogant to beryllium headquartered successful Atlanta and to stock conscionable a small spot of what we emotion astir this metropolis truthful much,” said Thomas Stager, President of Krystal Restaurants LLC. “Partnering with Butter has allowed america to showcase that pridefulness successful a mode that lone a first-tier bureau similar Butter tin bring to life. This collaboration has allowed america to archer our communicative successful a mode that we cognize generations of Krystal lovers volition appreciate.”

Though calved successful Chattanooga, Krystal has called Atlanta location for the past respective years, and it’s chosen Butter.ATL to assistance bring to beingness what it means to unrecorded in, beryllium inspired by and emotion the galore facets of the ATL.

“Culture is Atlanta’s fig 1 export and Butter drives the civilization guardant by putting a spotlight connected the taste mecca that Atlanta is – each things cool, current, and authentic successful a metropolis that has tremendous hometown pride. Krystal has occupied its ain unsocial abstraction successful confederate nutrient civilization for decades and we couldn’t beryllium much arrogant of our concern with this bequest brand. We look guardant to the relation the caller Krystal x Butter edifice volition play successful telling Atlanta’s story,” added Brandon Butler, Executive Director for Butter.ATL.

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