Leaked Apple Watch Series 7 3D renders confirm new look in first major redesign since its release

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(Pocket-lint) - Recently, we've brought you each the latest rumours regarding the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, scheduled to beryllium announced and released sometime aboriginal this year. However, we present person adjacent much confirmation that the upcoming Apple Watch revision volition diagnostic an each caller look and inherit the caller level borderline plan connection Apple has been carefully carrying over passim the entirety of its merchandise lineup arsenic of late. 

In the acceptable of leaked CAD renders by 91Mobiles, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 signifier tin beryllium seen successful precocious prime with an each level design, larger talker grills, and the aforesaid classic Digital Crown Apple has truthful proudly popularized. 

The mechanics for the set attachment strategy appears to beryllium precisely the same, and portion a caller "updated" acceptable of Apple Watch bands are definite to motorboat alongside this, it'd travel arsenic a unspeakable astonishment if Apple revealed the Series 7 to beryllium incompatible with the erstwhile bands disposable for the past six years. 

Much larger talker grills for amended telephone telephone audio

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The show size is expected to summation too, but lone by a fraction of a milimeter oregon so. 

Other aspects astir the Series 7 according to 91Mobile's source, is that the next-generation exemplary volition connection ultra-wideband enactment for opening astute locks and connecting to the FindMy network, beryllium somewhat thicker (10.7mm v. 9mm), and diagnostic a caller show lamination method which should let Apple to bring the surface person to the beforehand solid than ever before. 

The much snug a show sheet sits up against a devices' beforehand glass, the much vivid, punchy and "realistic" the substance and imagery looks - 1 of the reasons wherefore a non-mini LED 11" iPad Pro show looks amended than that of a 13" MacBook Pros screen. 

For each the rumours, reports and much we've heard astir the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, click present for our overview and recap. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 18 August 2021.

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