Legends question Dragons roster mistake

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The St George Illawarra Dragons are losing their individuality by letting section endowment permission and recruiting outsiders, NSW manager Brad Fittler says.

The Dragons are moving 11th successful their archetypal play nether Anthony Griffin. While Fittler gave the manager a walk mark, helium questioned the roster strategy.

Exciting section merchandise Matt Dufty volition permission the nine aft this season, portion veterans who antecedently played nether Griffin astatine the Broncos - similar Andrew McCullough and Josh McGuire - person been recruited.

Cowboys and Queensland Origin prop Francis Molo, different Brisbane product, volition articulation the Dragons adjacent play connected large money.

"They paid a batch of wealth for Francis Molo," Fittler said connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy and the Eighth.

St George Illawarra Dragons manager Anthony Griffin. (Getty)

"I couldn't recognize getting each those players, similar he's evidently got a truly bully relation with a batch of those Brisbane players that helium coached erstwhile helium was younger and helium has a batch of religion successful them. I don't cognize if they're astatine their best. They're bully players but I don't deliberation they're astatine their best.

"I deliberation letting Dufty spell ... determination seems to beryllium a batch of locals getting vacuumed retired of there. And not conscionable nether his ticker but 'Mary' (former manager Paul McGregor).

"Jason Saab's different 1 that was down there. They had [Cameron] McInnes there, helium wasn't a inferior but [was captain]. Reuben Garrick.

"I find those areas, similar Newcastle ... a batch of their individuality is astir having their kids, that pathway coming up, to play for the Steelers oregon the Dragons, oregon immoderate they are these days. They're losing their identity."

Fellow NRL large Andrew Johns said that determination seemed immoderate method to the madness. The Dragons this week signed former Origin inferior Moses Mbye, who volition reportedly inactive person much than fractional of his declaration paid by Wests Tigers.

"They person got immoderate young players coming done and he's doing the Moneyball thing, Anthony Griffin," Johns said connected Freddy and the Eighth.

"He's buying immoderate older players who, different clubs volition wage for [part of] their contracts; successful peculiar Moses Mbye."

Moses Mbye of Wests Tigers. (Getty)

Griffin has immoderate promising Dragons juniors, including Cody Ramsey, who person seen decent crippled time. Exciting Wollongong merchandise Talatau Amone, aged conscionable 19, volition commencement astatine five-eighth this weekend.

Johns said that with a inferior basal spanning close done the southbound coast, the nine had nary excuse not to beryllium beardown connected development.

"Build from within, manager the hellhole retired of your juniors coming through, past spell and enlistee the champion subordinate [position] you're deficient in," helium said.

The Dragons are conscionable 1 triumph distant from eighth spot, with 3 games remaining; against the Roosters, Cowboys and Rabbitohs.

Two wins whitethorn sneak them into the finals though their differential of -108 points is simply a problem, arsenic it leaves them down adjacent rivals similar the Sharks, Raiders and Titans.

"I thought they showed combat past week against the Panthers, existent fight," Johns said. "A mates of decisions didn't spell their way."

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