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We’re nearing the extremity of summer, and the shot pre-season is yet underway. This besides means that the adjacent installment successful the long-running Madden franchise is astir the corner. Madden 22 has a batch to prove arsenic the series’ 2nd rubric connected next-gen platforms. The MUT mode volition apt bring backmost superior competitors, but gameplay tweaks, caller stadium interactions, and Franchise changes could beryllium the difference-maker this clip around.

On this occurrence of New Gameplay Today, the unthinkable Alex Stadnik and Jason Guisano volition beryllium going head-to-head connected the gridiron, discussing their experiences with the Madden IP arsenic good arsenic our thoughts connected the caller game. So if you’re a instrumentality similar maine that desperately wants Madden 22 to beryllium a revolutionary displacement for aboriginal sports games, past plaything by astatine 2:30 CT! Let’s speech football. 

“New spectator animations present a stronger consciousness of realism and presence, and the remastered assemblage dependable makes those large moments successful games consciousness much impactful," said our ain Brian Shea about his aboriginal impressions. "Not lone that, but the modifiers that the caller momentum metre and home-field vantage adhd springiness due boosts astir of the time. Improved blocking makes the moving crippled much effective, and I similar the accrued catching responsiveness for the passing game.”

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