Man testifies against R. Kelly in sex-trafficking trial

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In this courtroom artist’s sketch, erstwhile R. Kelly worker Tom Arnold testifies astatine the R&B star’s proceedings successful New York, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021. The 54-year-old Kelly has repeatedly denied accusations that helium preyed connected respective alleged victims during a 30-year vocation highlighted by his mega deed “I Believe I Can Fly.” (AP Photo/Elizabeth Williams)

After respective days of grounds from women claiming they were groomed and sexually abused by R. Kelly, a antheral took the witnesser basal astatine Kelly’s sex-trafficking proceedings successful New York City connected Monday to accidental the R&B prima exploited him successful the aforesaid mode erstwhile helium was a precocious schoolhouse student.

The witness, testifying successful national tribunal successful Brooklyn without utilizing his existent name, told a assemblage however Kelly lured him to his Chicago-area location successful 2007 with mendacious offers of helping him with his fledgling euphony career.

Kelly asked the alleged victim, past 17, “what I was consenting to bash for music,” the witnesser said. He replied, “I’ll transportation your bags. … Anything you need, I’ll beryllium consenting to do.”

“That’s not it. That’s not it,” helium said Kelly responded earlier asking him if helium ever fantasized astir having enactment with men. He described however Kelly past “crawled down connected his knees and proceeded to springiness maine oral sex,” adjacent though, “I wasn’t into it.”

Afterward, “he told maine to support betwixt him and me,” helium said.

In a aboriginal episode, Kelly snapped his fingers to summon a bare miss from wherever she was hiding nether a boxing ringing to springiness Kelly and the witnesser oral sex, the antheral told the jury.

He kept seeing Kelly aft that due to the fact that “I truly wanted to marque it successful the euphony industry,” helium said.

The witnesser was testifying arsenic portion of a practice statement stemming from his blameworthy plea successful a abstracted lawsuit alleging helium was portion of a botched strategy to bribe a pistillate to not attest against Kelly. No charges were brought against Kelly related to the scheme.

Kelly, 54, has repeatedly denied accusations that helium preyed connected victims during a 30-year vocation highlighted by his 1996 mega deed “I Believe I Can Fly.” His lawyers person portrayed his accusers arsenic groupies who are lying astir their relationships with him.

Earlier Monday, a pistillate testified that Kelly sexually assaulted her astatine property 17 pursuing a show successful Miami successful 1994. The witness, besides testifying without utilizing her existent name, claimed that Kelly’s cronies took her and a person to his dressing country aft the amusement earlier helium pulled down her shorts and forced her to person unprotected sex, she said.

“I was successful implicit shock,” she said. “I didn’t cognize what to accidental astatine all. I fundamentally went blank.”

Afterward, she and her person “unlocked the doorway and ran retired of there,” she said.

On cross-examination, defence lawyer Deveraux Cannick pressed the witnesser connected why, aft idiosyncratic allegedly “raped you,” she waited much than 2 decades to interaction instrumentality enforcement.

“Because I didn’t privation to consciousness much shame and trauma,“ she said.

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