March On gets into ‘Good Trouble’ at King Center

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(Community leaders chant for voter’s rights. Photo Credit: Bria Suggs/ The Atlanta Voice)

The March On For Voting Rights enactment hosted a march successful downtown Atlanta this past Saturday. The march was to not lone rise consciousness for caller and aged voters successful Georgia, but to besides grant the 58th day of the March connected Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

There were besides sister marches successful Washington D.C., Houston, Phoenix, and astir 50 different cities nationwide.

Before the march successful an interrogation with The Atlanta Voice, Georgia autochthonal and activistic Maci Hill expressed her excitement astir getting radical acceptable to vote. 

Hill got her commencement volunteering successful her assemblage and moving connected predetermination campaigns aft graduating from Spelman College. She present works arsenic the Georgia State Director for March On For Voting Rights.

“Now we’re backmost again to get radical retired and motivated and excited to get educated connected the caller authorities that has been passed, to get them excited for the authorities that we privation to get passed, and past getting them prepared for the upcoming elections this year,” Hill said.

Hill hopes that the lawsuit helps citizens of voting property privation to commencement reasoning astir the upcoming elections.

(Protesters march towards Auburn Avenue. Photo Credit: Bria Suggs/ The Atlanta Voice)

“There’s implicit 3,000 elections happening crossed the authorities of Georgia,” Hill said. “With the caller SB202 measure present wrong the authorities of Georgia, we truly wanted to bring radical unneurotic to get them excited, to get them motivated and prepared [for] this upcoming election.”

The Senate Bill 202 has the powerfulness to alteration the process of absentee voting. There is present little clip to petition a ballot and to crook it in, among different restrictions. The measure besides gives entree to the authorities committee to instrumentality implicit the process of disqualifying ballots crossed the state, a powerfulness usually reserved for region boards.

“A batch of radical look astatine the SB202 measure arsenic the h2o vessel bill, but it’s truthful overmuch much than that and it’s going to impact the mode we spot voting present successful Georgia moving forward,” Hill said. “So we wanted to marque definite radical are prepared for that, that they cognize what is included wrong that measure and however determination are going to beryllium changes.”

While Hill wants to bring attraction to bills specified arsenic SB202, she does not privation specified authorities to discourage voters.

“Voting doesn’t person to beryllium thing that is draining, oregon sitting successful these lines for hours,” Hill said. “Your civic engagement is precise important to beryllium a portion of everything that you bash and making definite that your dependable is heard each azygous election.”

Atlanta’s March On For Voting Rights lawsuit took spot astatine The King Center. Speakers specified arsenic Courtney and Corrie Cockrell, the great-nieces of murdered civilian rights person Medgar Evers, and assemblage leaders engaged with the assemblage during the rally.

Participants past marched 3 blocks down to erstwhile Congressman and Civil Rights Movement person John Lewis’ mural connected Auburn Avenue and backmost for a concert.

Attendees Barbara and Larry Jennngs chose to travel retired to the march due to the fact that it supported a origin they believed in.

“We cognize that voting rights are precise important and that they’re being diminished and if we don’t combat for them, they’re conscionable going to disappear,” Larry said. “We’ll spell backmost to wherever we were successful the 1940s and aboriginal 50s.”

Barbara believes that nary substance what benignant of restrictive voting laws whitethorn beryllium passed, it is inactive up to each idiosyncratic to leap implicit the hurdle and vote.

(Protester shows disconnected “No New Jim Crow” motion Photo Credit: Bria Suggs/ The Atlanta Voice)

Larry described bills specified arsenic SB202 person been passed to assistance radical stay successful governmental powerfulness successful absorption to a diversifying America. Although helium does not caput voting laws, helium inactive wants them to beryllium just successful his opinion.

“I’ve ne'er had an contented with Voter ID laws,” Larry said. “The lone contented that I could perchance person is they person to marque it easier for radical to get the ID… Don’t marque the radical person to leap done hurdles to get the ID due to the fact that everybody doesn’t person that ID. But it makes consciousness to maine that you person to amusement ID, I amusement ID to get connected a plane, I amusement ID astatine the bank, I amusement ID astatine truthful galore antithetic places.”

Congresswoman Nikema Williams chose to be Atlanta’s march alternatively of Washington D.C. ‘s march dissimilar immoderate of her colleagues to bespeak connected the past of civilian rights successful Atlanta.

“I decided that I needed to beryllium location for this,” Williams said. “Atlanta is the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement. This territory is simply a precise historical territory and truthful kicking this disconnected close present astatine the King Center this greeting was truly important to maine and I emotion serving the radical of the 5th legislature territory and truthful I didn’t privation to beryllium immoderate different place.”

 She participated successful the lawsuit to bring attraction to the request for each idiosyncratic to ballot and for each ballot to beryllium counted.

“This is astir standardizing ideology and making definite that everyone has adjacent entree to the ballot,” Williams said.

“We person to punctual radical ideology doesn’t commencement and halt connected predetermination day,” Williams said. “You amusement up to vote, but past you proceed to amusement up to clasp your elected authoritative accountable due to the fact that this is simply a participative government. We’re each successful this together.”

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