Marjorie Taylor-Greene Thinks 1/6 Rioters Have Been Treated Too Roughly

2 months ago 14
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When the January insurrection happened, everyone realized however disgraceful it was. But arsenic clip has gone by, Republican lawmakers and pundits person begun to effort to gaslight Americans connected the seriousness of the event.

And the much utmost the lawmaker, the much utmost the excuses. Marjorie Taylor-Greene whitethorn beryllium the astir utmost congressperson successful the country. So it was nary astonishment that the Georgia Republican has an utmost instrumentality connected the matter.

Taylor-Greene talked astir the insurrection during  a caller GOP lawsuit successful Georgia. She told attendees, “Talk astir governmental weapons and warfare, the FBI and the Department of Justice is (sic) wholly retired of line. The mode they are charging radical who were astatine the Capitol connected January 6th is terrifying. Especially due to the fact that of the information that they person ignored Antifa and BLM’s convulsive terrorists.”

The lawmaker continued, “the mode they person targeted the radical who were determination connected January 6th is unbelievable. I was determination that day, I did not similar the violence, and I person said implicit and implicit again, that was wrong, and those radical person been charged, and to clasp them similar governmental prisoners successful the Washington D.C. national situation and different prisons successful this state is wrong.”

Greene closed her remarks, “They are treating those radical worse than they dainty the terrorists astatine Gitmo. They are treating those radical worse than they dainty amerciable aliens being held successful detention centers — and I person toured detention centers and I cognize what they look like.”

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