Market highlights December 22: XRP leads major cryptos, Citrix and Micron propel SPX500

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The crypto marketplace arsenic a full was successful the greenish today. Credit unions are seeking support from national regulators to clasp crypto assets straight aft being told that they tin connection crypto services to their customers done partnerships with 3rd parties.

US stocks rallied yesterday, breaking a three-day losing streak caused by increasing concerns implicit the Omicron coronavirus variant.

The SPX500, which gained 1.78%, was led by Citrix Systems adding 13.63% pursuing reports that Elliott Investment Management and Vista Equity were considering a associated bid for the bundle firm. Micron Technology , up 10.54%, was the index’s second-best performer aft the semiconductor steadfast bushed first-quarter estimates.

Top cryptos

XRP stood retired among the top10 cryptos, gaining 7% implicit the past 24 hours. Other large cryptos registered gains with Cardano and Solana some adding much than 2.5%, and Bitcoin up much than 1%, trading supra $49,000 astatine clip of writing. 

Terra’s LUNA, the ninth biggest crypto by marketplace cap, continues its winning streak. Today, it gained 17%. Polygon follows successful its footsteps with gains of 12%, making it the 2nd biggest victor successful the apical 20. 

Top movers

NEAR Protocol’s token NEAR is skyrocketing. Today, it’s up conscionable nether 24%, surging connected quality of a concern with DePocketFinance. NEAR has fixed DePocket a assistance for combining arsenic galore arsenic dApps connected the NEAR level arsenic possible.

Cosmos has gained astir 12% successful the past 24 h. Other winners successful the apical 100 see IOTA with 17%, CurveDaoToken with 15%, Helium with 13%, and AAVE and Enjin Coin with 11% each.  


The creators of CryptoMafia connection investors an innovative, user-friendly, one-stop-shop to find everything they request to not lone find a caller token astir to launch, but to probe and marque an informed determination astir whether to put successful it. The token runs connected Binance Smart Chain and is afloat compliant with the ERC20 standard. It’s up 200% today.

One of the galore dog-themed meme coins, 2030 FLOKI is besides trending today. 2030 FLOKI has the meme hype combined with existent utilities that provides passive income for holders successful the signifier of $DOGE rewards. It has added 115% to its worth successful the past 24 h.

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